This story revolves around the protagonist Meera who just like every indian girl aspire for success, fame and above all true love. Here, we will know how the choices of people will bring a great change in her perception and choice. Will her choices prove to be of benefit or fatal, let's find out.


And there she stood at the corner of the bed gazing through the window to the tall buildings .There was a time when she aspired for all the success and fame and her heart was full of dreams.

When Meera was a teenager, she went through the most desirable feeling that one could get into…..

the feeling which was different and yet too complex, the feeling which could turn every odds in your favour and the feeling which teach us to be concerned, to care for a person more than oneself. This is the feeling called LOVE.

 Meera’s first encounter with love was when she was in 10th grade.Raghav and Meera were childhood buddies. They were in the same school and class from 1st grade. Raghav considered Meera as his best friend and they were too close to each other. Meera at reaching her mid teenage started living in the world of  fantastical and everlasting love stories. She started imaging Raghav as her prince charming who would rescue her in every odds of life and what if they could live as the happily married love couples in the future and lead a happy life. She started taking their friendship relation as a love story and gradually she fell in love with him. But, she never dared to speak her heart out to him. And after their 10th Raghav father got transferred to some other city. This was her first love story, her first realisation of the feeling of love which was left incomplete.

Then slowly and gradually as the time passed Meera finally decided to move on. Now her college life started, the environment in the college was that girls were usually dating more than one guy. She could see a single guy flirting with a number of girls. She considered these people as uncivilised and often predicted the girls as Sluts. Meera often felt very low when she saw all these incidents. Then after few days in college Meera met a guy named Samar. They both were persuing the same course and in due coursebof time they became good friends. After few days spent together,Meera started falling for Samar and one day Samar himself proposed Meera. The propsal was happily accepted and from then they were together. Meera imagined Samar as her life partner and the only boy she will marry.After 3-4 months of their realtionship Meera found that Samar was cheating on her with another girl. She was broken and shattered. Meera's nature was that if a person shows little care and affection towards her,she becomes consious and in no time considers that person as if  her world rests in him.

After many passing years came the last year of college The farewell night of the Graduates. Meera was happy that finally she is leaving college n now she could persue her furthur education in abroad (Canada).

At the farewell night a band came to perform. As the party was over Meera was waiting for a taxi when Rajdeep came to her. Rajdeep was a guitarist from the performing band. Rajdeep with his introduction started having a conversation with Meera. Earlier,Meera was hesitant to talk to him,but as they talked she became comfortable. They shared their interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. When Meera told him about her dreams of studying in Canada,Rajdeep made her believe that he could actually help her out as his father has sources and even he is moving to Canada for some training in music. Meera was really happy that day. Then,they both exchanged their contacts and started to meet. Rajdeep showed Meera his every effort so that she could get her admissions. As the time passed and there meetings increased they became very good friends and even Meera started feeling for Rajdeep. And one day Rajdeep proposed her. Meera could not deny his proposal as she could also feel for him and Rajdeep was even accompanying her to Canada and they would stay together there and would be happy thereafter. After two-three months,Rajdeep asked Meera for Rs. 2 lakh in the name of his dad as the admission fee. After a week, that evening Meera decided to go and give the cash to Rajdeep when she heard in the news that Rajdeep and his dad are caught in a scandal charging money from students  by fake promising them for admissions in abroad.Meera became unconscious for a minute. She was unable to believe that a caring and helpful boy like Rajdeep could be such a selfish person.

This time Meera left every hope that she will ever be able to trust somebody again. She was so shattered that she started living in solitude. She now stayed at home and studied day and night so that she could get admissions and a better life in the new country. The exam was given and Meera successfully cracked it. Within a month she got her tickets and flew to Canada . She was happily settled there and her life was going in pace .Apart from studying ,Meera was also going a part time job. It has been one year in Canada, when Meera got a schlorship for her good performance and she decided to go for a ten days tour to her dream place Las Vegas in the vacations.

The bags were packed, the tickets ready. The day has come when Meera was finally visiting Vegas,dream place of many ,including her.

. As she has imagined and even saw in pictures and movies Vegas  was a city of lights with amazing, unparalleled views. Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, is a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options. Its main street and focal point is the Strip, just over 4 miles long. This boulevard is home to themed hotels with elaborate displays such as fountains synchronized to music as well as replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower. Meera got a room in one such hotel known as The Red Rock Hotel.

Meera's most of the evening went in viewing and admiring the scenic beauty of the city and her nights were spent in the Casinos and bars. The environment of these casinos and bars was of desire, sex and money. She heard about high level prostitution in Vegas but when she saw that in real, she was really shocked at the first place. The girls were dressed in the most expensive outfit and cars just to have sex and money. It was a everyday happening and Meera became used to this environment. Its been a week and Meera has visited the best and the most expensive of all the casinos and bars. She planned to stay for a week more and study the city. Meera was getting out of money and she was  late to realise this fact. On the 10th day of the trip she was left with nothing. All her saving were spent. Meera became addicted to this regular visiting of casinos and bars. She somehow managed some cash and this time she went. At the Bar,Meera met a man who seemed to be Indian. Meera realised that he was continuously staring at her and then he finally approached her and asked her for a coffee. She accepted his proposal very easily as she was happy to find an Indian in an unknown city. They went upstairs in the room and were engaged in a regular conversation on a cup of coffee.

Next morning, Meera found herself lieing  naked on the bed with some Dollars kept beside her. She starred at the notes and could not resist herself from crying. She screamed in anger,shouted cried but nobody was their to listen and console her.

After sometime, she came out of the trauma,dressed herself and ran out of the room. She saw on the way nobody was noticing her impure body except herself. She checked her pocket and found that she was left with nothing. She was shattered.

 Then,after engaging in deep thoughts for sometime she rushed back to the room of the casino and picked up those dollars and placed them in her pocket.

Meera became addicted to the city and started spending all her nights on the bed of the Casinos and bars in the hope that one day she might get her True love. She realised that it is not about civilisation, it is about your NEED and above all your own CHOICE. It is just the matter of choice and the place you put urself in. Her life was now confined into Money, expensive and high class outfits, cars, casinos, bars and Sex. Its been two months in Vegas and eventhough she met many new people she was totally alone.

The love and the affection for which Meera craved for,from so long had become very distant from her.  She knew that she could never get out of the whirlpool she has thrown her into. There is no other alternative to the vicious circle of life she has chosen for herself and this realisation was mentally eating her up.

Meera now spent her entire day in the hotel room at the corner of her bed drinking , smoking and  inhaling drugs.

After three to four days she was found  at the corner of the bed gazing through the window with all her dreams and aspirations of success and fame and most of all her True love enclosed in the Eyes which will never open again and in the heart which will never beat again…