It is a story about a girl who is happy to go lucky until one accident changes her life. 


A few years back a little baby girl came into this world. This little girl was one of the cutest children in the world. Her parents loved her very much. She was the apple of their eye. Her small little cries and her laughter was enjoyed by everyone.

She kept on mulling and puking everyday in the nursery but the nurses did not get fed up, they were happy because this was the sign of the good health of a baby. Now this little girl started to grow up. Her mother took a lot of care of her and fed her all sorts of nutritious things; her father bought her many types of rattles to play with. She started to walk at the age of one and spoke something at one and a half year. 

She had a lovely big cot with angles, teddies and stars hanging above it and a soft lullaby getting played on pressing a button. Her maternal and paternal grandfather and grandmother also loved her very much as she was the youngest child in the family. Her elder brothers and sisters were also very fond of her. She was fond of making smiley face poses and getting her pictures clicked licking the mirror or climbing on her mom or in the lap of her relatives. 

When she grew a little more she became an English speaking pampered brat who always roamed to different places in an aero plane.  When someone spoke to her in Hindi she always replied in English as she understood Hindi but could not speak it.  She started her journey in aero planes just when she was of about 2 months. Her favorite flights were KLM and Ethiopia and she kept on asking contradictory questions such as when will the flight move?

And when the plane started to move the question put up by her went like when will we reach now? Her mom read her stories from little ladybird storybooks and her dad cooked up stories and narrated them to her. 

She had some very cute little things like a Mickey Mouse and a goofy bag which she always carried on her back and happily went to school.  One of the loveliest things she had were her dresses. She had colorful, different types of dresses – red frocks, white skirts, floral pattern t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, t-shirts with tigger and pooh made on it and many more. She had bob cut hair which were always neatly tied into two ponies that jingled when she moved. On festivals she dressed up very nicely and enjoyed very much.  Her birthdays were always celebrated with lots of pomp and show and with many friends around. Once her birthday cake had a beautiful Barbie doll with the purple clutches of Barbie on it. It was the most beautiful cake ever seen.  Dance was not her cup of tea but on her parents insistence she participated in a dance show and was very proud of winning the participant certificate. She had a dream to travel to each and every part of the world. Kids playing world was her play school where she excelled in academics. After that in her primary school too she excelled in all the subjects. Her report card always consisted of A -grades and smileys, different types of stickers and good chits. But then one day came when her parents decided to shift back to India.   She did not want to do that but she was helpless. She was 6 then. After coming back to India her admission procedures started. Everyone who took her interview was surprised to see her knowledge and praised her very much.

Finally her school started, new school, new friends; everything was very much unknown to her. Making friends was difficult because she was an introvert type of person.

Still she did it with the help of her teachers. At that time she was in first standard and she was the topper of her batch. Then came her little brother whom she never wanted to come. But she was still happy in her life; the things she missed were travelling in flights to long distances, her old friends and her home.

Till grade 6 she excelled in academics and had many good friends by now. But as it is said good thing surely come to an end, the same happened with her. Slowly as the time passed she had got used to her life, now she even had stopped speaking English and the skills which looked in built in her seemed to vanish from her life.

By now her brother also grew up and sibling rivalry started between them. Then came 7th standard and this was the time of her downfall. Now she did not get good marks. She was no more the apple of anyone’s eye. This did hurt her very much and she was very upset. She tried her level best but still she could not succeed. 

This ended her will power and she became an average student. At this point she started missing her old golden days. She wanted life to give her a chance to go back to those days.  All the other years were filled up with misery and sorrow till the time when she came in high school. This time she was determined to do something to improve upon her grades. She tried to study hard and did that at her level best, in her exams too she put her best but nothing did happen. In the second term she knew that she had no choice but to surely do something to improve her grades.

Many people had hopes from her and if she did not excel this time then it would really be very difficult to come back to stability. This time she felt like god is too on a helping spree for her because she started to get chances to show her talents to everyone.  Speaking on stage in the school assembly was what she wanted to do and she got a chance to do that.

She even got chances to participate in story writing competitions, Olympiads, plays and various other things. Now her confidence again started to come back. Now was the time to succeed. She became optimistic about life; no more negative thoughts were to come again. She started to live happily and as we all know that thought affect life, the same happened with her. She was able to concentrate more. She also was able to relax and enjoy when she spent family time with her close ones.

Everything started to be the same like before. Elated with her present she started to forget about her past and hoped that it would never repeat itself again. Though she never got to go back to the place she came from, she was still satisfied. She finished her school with very good marks and got admission in the college she wanted to go; her goal was half achieved. But happiness does not last for long and this is the fact. Once again her happy life came to an end.

This time it was very serious and a major accident that she had to face. Once while she was going back to her hostel, she slipped of the staircase and her left hand had a major injury which the doctors said could not be cured.

She now was left with just one single hand of hers. But this time she did not breakdown, she was strong. Instead she made her parents believe that she was fine and still she was capable of doing all the things that a normal person could do. She did not think that she was handicapped. Though everyone made fun of her, told her many things, but she did not mind.

She knew that the people whom she was truly loved by were always there beside her to support her. She continued her studies full fledgedly.  She even took part in every activity that she did before. Her strong point was her voice which was capable to do all things, to give speeches, lectures, to take part in debates and even to sing. She was also a very good singer and liked to sing very much. In her college she started to give speeches and gradually she also went in other colleges to do the same. Her ignorance towards the comments given by the people became the reason for the people to stop teasing her. Once, she got a chance to audition to become the anchor of a popular TV show and not too surprisingly she even got the role to play.

This increased her self esteem more and everyone was proud of her. She became the idol for every handicapped child and this gave her happiness. She personally started to visit the schools, non government organizations for the handicapped. She encouraged people to help these people by donating their organs after their death and on the other hand she asked the disabled people not to lower their self esteem due to these disabilities.

She became popular everywhere not because of her disability, this was due to her confidence on herself that she could show everyone what she could do.

She was good and that was the reason that she was important and had a special place in many people’s heart and not just because she was important. Whereas her brother whom she thought to be a devil Jwhen she was small proved to be her most trusted companion in the later stages. She won many competitions and awards for her speeches and her works towards humanity.

She even sang some songs related to the same. Doing this work she could also fulfill her own dream of travelling to all parts of the world. This one incident changed her life completely from a happy going girl to a conscious person who knew about the dreadful truths of the world and tried to bring people out of it. She was able to spread the light of happiness to many people in the world. If she moved according to her destiny, stayed in depression after the accident, all her talents would have been left in vain. But after the accident she became stronger and had gained more power due to all the positive thoughts she had before the accident. Maybe the little girl was truly a miracle sent by god to spread happiness in the world.