All love stories are not fairy tales but every love story has it’s own beauty. This is one of such love stories. A simple girl falls for a simple guy.


“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” 

Such a beautiful line. I have often wondered if there ever could be a love like this in the real world or it was only for the princesses in a fairy tale. We live in a world where our lives revolve around the necessary activities, families, jobs and studies, generally living a life as such. I was sure that a love like this would be only for story books and I would never be able to see one, till the day I fell in love with him.

We were in same college. It was the beginning of our second year of the college when i first saw, or better phrase, noticed him or should i say accidentally bumped into him.

He was the most handsome, good looking guy of our college. He was extremely dashing, all the girls in the college use to wait for one lopsided smile from him as if that could make their day. And he didn’t disappoint them. His flirty nature and easy going attitude were cherry on the cake.

Don’t know why, from that day i noticed him glancing at me all the time. I guess, me too was attracted to him as i found myself sharing eye-locks with him. Something was going between us. And we both didn’t understand what that was. We started to spend time together. Months flew by and finally one fine day he proposed me. I was cloud infinity that day. The intensity in his eyes at that moment weakened my knees. I know it’s kinda stupid but you will not know it until you see the same intensity in someone’s eyes, for you and only for you.

“I want to hold you when you fall

I want to adore you when you smile

I want to be with you my entire life my love” his words still manage to bring a smile on my face.

Our love story was not a fairytale it was a simple college love but it had it’s own beauty, it’s own magic.

I remember the day I lost my mom, I was broken. Except him she was the only person I had. I lost my dad when I was 4 and now my mom too left. I was scared what if I lose him as well, what will I do without him?.

“You won’t leave me ever, right?” I couldn’t control myself. The words slipped from my mouth.

“Love, I can’t even think of leaving you, the way you calm the fire inside me and at the same time keep me warm, the way you wipe my unseen tears, the way you hold me at my weakest I think that’s the way two souls breathe in a same body and a body can never live without a soul, you are my reason to live and I don’t want to die so soon.”

“Promise?” I mumbled clutching on his shirt.

“Promise my love” he said kissing my forehead.

He kept his promise. He stood by my side like a rock through all my ups and downs. And today I walk the church clad in a white gown with a bouquet of roses in my hand. A smile instantly made it’s way to my lips as I see him standing there waiting for me. I smile and slid my hand in his ready to start a new life with him.