It’s a story of person who has to go through a mysterious journey to find out what’s wrong with Amay. Let’s start discovering.


Previously, love was flowing all over very smoothly and in a quiet manner and from there the story continues now…

Being a couple we keep showing love but this is the time when she doesn’t only understand what I want to say but also gone through my thoughts. I now feel confident as she is on my side and I hear her saying something.

‘I am with you. Do you need to think now?’

‘Now not and the best part about this is you.’

After saying this, we start wandering in room just to think over about the letter and Amay. After almost half an hour she asks me if I had gone through diary. I say no.

‘You are such a stupid. Let’s go with diary’

‘I forget that part. Let’s move.’

Nistha goes to kitchen to get some coffee and I wait for her in the room and she comes there after changing the dress having coffee in her hand. How amazing is she looking? Can’t explain.


‘Yes, let’s start.’

We open the diary and start reading that all stuff written in diary just to solve out this matter. After reading for continuous 7 hours we completed and our eyes are now swelling. Without saying we sleep aside. We wake up and see it’s 8 o’ clock not of the morning, its night now. I check my phone and see there are 37 missed calls. I see that there are 32 missed calls from Akhilesh, my business partner. I call him immediately.

‘Hi, Buddy. You have called up’

‘Just fuck off. Have you seen even how many times I have called you?’

‘Sorry Yaar Sleeping. What is the matter?’

‘There is someone. I don’t remember the name. Ya Ya it’s Nikhil, I got the name. He told he wants to talk to you.’

‘Who is he? Any Idea? Any message?’

‘No, he just dropped his number. That is 0239451296.’

‘Thanks Buddy. I will get back to him. See you later.’

‘Ok, see you then.’

Nistha wake up and ask who was there on the call. I told him it’s Akhilesh and told her too about Nikhil.

‘Nikhil.’ she shouted.

‘What happens? Why are you shouting that much?’

‘You need to go to doctor. You don’t even remember him. He is the guy in the diary. Amay’s Brother.’

‘Oh Yes.’ I shouted.

I at once call him. Phone is busy. I keep remain calling since two hours. It is still busy. Now it’s ringing. No one receives the call. I call him frequently for one hour. No answer. I lose the hope. It’s 12 midnight. I ask Nistha if we are going to sleep. She says to have at least some stuff in our stomach and then sleep. I say Ok. We eat some food and then sleep.

Its early morning. 6 o’ clock. I call again at that number for one more hour. Still No reply. I call Akhilesh.

‘Good Morning.’

‘Good Morning. It’s seven of morning. Why you have called so early?’

‘Do you remember Nikhil? I called him several times. He didn’t pick the call. Any other hint.’

‘No. But why are you interested in that person Nikhil?’

I tell each and everything about that diary so that he asks less questions and do whatever I want and he at least agree to do what I want.

‘Find the address of the number registered with.’

‘I will do that for you. But what then?’

‘I will think after that. You just do what I say.’

‘Ok. I will call you in two hours.’

‘Thanks Buddy.’

Nistha wake up and hugs me from back. I hug him and tell how much I love her. Nistha moves to bathroom and me to bedroom. She comes after an hour with the breakfast and coffee in her hand. We eat the breakfast and then depart for office. After a hectic day, I am back at home with the address of Nikhil in my wallet. Nistha comes after one hour.

She is looking a little tired so, I ask her to take rest. But, she isn’t interested in taking rest.

She asks me if I have the address of Nikhil. I haven’t seen even the address and I take out the slip on which address is written from my wallet.

‘27, Martin Colony, Near Maria Beach, Goa. Oh, Wow we are going to Goa then.’ She shouts as seeing the address.

‘Oh, wait. We have to plan whatever we do. We are not going to do any step in a hurry.’

‘Oh, please don’t be so arrogant. We are going otherwise I will not talk to you.’

‘Oh, you are torturing me. Aren’t you? Well, we are going.’

‘O, my baby you are so loving. We are going, we are going to Goa. Yeah.’ She shouts.

She goes in bedroom and start packing for Goa. I go to airport for our flight tickets. We are now all done and are standing in front of airport paying for taxi fare. Suddenly, my phone is ringing. I see there is Akhilesh calling. I pick the call.

‘Hey, where are you?’

‘I am at the airport departing for Goa.’

‘Goa, but why?’

‘I will tell you later. Anything important.’

‘Yaa, Nikhil is murdered. I have seen that on news.’

‘Oh, my god. There is really something serious.’

At once, I disconnect the call. Nistha asks what is going on. I tell her everything Akhilesh told me. She is totally upset now but she insist even to go so that we will enquire about Amay. I agree and we depart. Our flight reach Goa at 6 o’ clock and I wake up. Nistha is still sleeping and really what a beauty she is? I don’t want her to wake up. I just want to see her. She suddenly wake up and see me staring her. She gives me a killer look. I stop staring her.

‘There is no chance for you. You look too handsome and dashing but my husband is with me.’ She says.

‘Oh Really’

‘Yaa really’ we both laugh a lot.


Will these giggly talks continue further? How will they solve the mystery of Amay? What’s going to happen with them? Let’s discover the mystery in part 3…