The story of a Girl, who faces failure at every move in her life. At one moment she feels Soo depressed that she thinks to Quit but then realizes quitting isn’t an option in her life. Now let’s see how she accepts the failures of her life and moves on to find a new way. And how she starts the new beginning of her life.


Now when am finally here, I will not look back to the days of struggle. And to begin with something new and  to start a new life All what I’ve planned is  A new job, A new place some fun time, lots of friends. It wasn’t an easy task for me to reach here -The city of destiny. Even my decision to shift here has been an ultimate result of long dragged failure experiences. Ever since childhood my one and only dream was to land up somewhere from where I can reach the glories of success.

The journey to here wasn’t a cakewalk for me. After all moving on after accepting failure at each stage does take a lot of courage. My life wasn’t at all as simple as thought. After completing my degree, I got many opportunities. But none could give me the work satisfaction. Slowly I started feeling low and that sense of unsatisfactory life was growing day after day. In couple of days I couldn’t even concentrate on my present job and the poor work results were solely due to my fault. I couldn’t give my best to what i’m doing, I wasn’t able to satisfy my employers with my work.

In no time I was out of this company too. This was 5th time when I lost a job and this time I was pretty damn serious about my career.

After all I can’t spend my whole life accepting failures. All what I had to do was to sit alone, get some peace in life and then rethink about my future.

Then I planned for a holiday tripping with few of my friends where I had fun at its best. From their I went to one of my colleague’s wedding. It was near to our resort, so I couldn’t even make some lame excuse to escape it. But  to my surprise the bridegroom was my best friend.

“Hey”, he greeted walking towards me

“Hi Rohan, how are you?”,

It’s been a long time since we met.

And here am totally unexpected and uninvited guest.

“Am fine Divya, how are you?

Am sorry I couldn’t invite you to my wedding “

“It’s OK, actually the bride, I mean your wouldbe is my colleague. So am here for the wedding.”

Com’on gals we have planned out a wonderful evening for you all, come let’s have fun.

That evening we spent a gala time after a long time.

Next morning we all woke late, and found the preparations weren’t yet started. Then we found that the wedding planner had dropped out on the last moment.  We were all in dilemma, and Rohan and his bride have lost all  And being the groom’s bestie and a bride’s colleague I couldn’t stop myself helping them in their  crises.

The wedding was in three days and I hardly had 48 hours to manage with. Luckily with the help of few of my friends we made it a Grand wedding. People were really impressed by the decorations and the arrangement of everything right from guest receiving to the night dinner. People were so damn excited, that they started asking about the wedding planner and in fact few even approached me with their offers.

Funny isn’t it,

What I came for!!

To think about my future. And have some fun with pals.

And see  where I’ve ended,

Getting offers as a wedding planner.

Now when I look back at my life, these were the only few days, where I’ve enjoyed doing something. And even earned name for it.

Something struck my mind at that very moment. I finally found the job of my choice, Wedding planner. Though it has no comparison with the degrees I’ve earned, but it gives me pleasure. I’ve actually enjoyed what I’ve worked and now I made it clear what I have to do in my life.

Yeah!! To be precise, I finally found my destiny. Many like me are still in the same run, neither could accept what they are and  nor move on listening to what their heart says.


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