This is a story of Jay and Richa, who knew each other since a long time. Now the two souls which were always fond of each other, but the fear of rejection never allowed them to share their feelings. Now finally when they meet to express their love, let’s see how their love prevails over their fear.



Ever since we’ve met, I always dreamt of a perfect date like this. But now when the day is finally here, am afraid!!!

Yeah Am afraid, Will I be able to express my feelings, and convey him what I feel for him. With all these thoughts wandering in my mind, I started walking along the lane. I finally reached the place.

“ Hi Richa”, he greeted holding my hand, and I just gave a cold reply with a smile on my face. I wonder where the bold and confident girl in me wanders around when am in front of him. We speak for hours on phone and text endless, but when he’s around I just become numb.

“Hello Jay”, I could see the efforts he has put in to make it a perfect date and even I left no stone unturned in presenting myself. With the red gown, and open hair, I knew how desperate he was to compliment me. Even he looked amaze, no way less than a ordinary prince.  The environment was all magical, filled my love.

It was only the silence that spoke between us, and breaking the ice, I spoke first “This is a nice place, and thanks for inviting me”, I know am being too formal, but I wasn’t able to build some good stuff to speak. “Yeah I’ve been planning it since a long time” he said holding my hand meanwhile.

I could feel the nerve breakdown somewhere deep inside. And I could see the fear of rejection in his eyes too.

I wish I could help him out, and then I  made my first move and asked him, “ You wanted to say something, is anything important?”, I say we girls know everything we can sense every move of you, yet we always act as if we don’t know anything.

The reason is quite simple we just want to feel the moment. Some moments worth being cherished the rest of life. “Ah yeah, Shall we sit and talk”, he murmured. He has decorated the place so beautifully and arranged such a lavish dinner.  We finished our dinner and it was 2 hours since we met, but yet their wasn’t any hint from him. It was time to depart. But neither of us could say a single word. Their came a moment when the never ending chirping birds even hovered to speak out, it was only the eyes which could exchange a few words.

I understood his hesitation, for the reason, both of us had a bad experience in our past.  And it’s really difficult to accept the truth of life. I was prepared for this, because I knew how shy he is and how dumb he is in dealing such things.

“Jay, I wanted to share something with you, It’s all written in this letter, you read it and take your decision. Am waiting outside” saying this I handed him a letter and started walking. I saw a surprised expression on his face, he couldn’t believe what was happening. He knew what was in the letter. He was totally overwhelmed by my bold move. Then he started reading the letter with utmost excitement.


“My Dear Jay,

I wonder why I am writing when I’ve already conveyed you my feelings through my actions a dozen of times, but then the question is Have they ever reached you. Have you ever felt the drop of my pulse, when you are around, or the sparkle in my eyes when they see you? Well, I never thought it would be so difficult to convey one’s feelings. I don’t know what the book of Destiny has planned for us, for our future! What matters is Today, The day where we are together. This day would never come back in our lives, So I Want to make it the best for the rest of our lives. Now I don’t want to Twist and turn, and make you more confused! Yeah Mister This Girl has fallen for you. I was really impressed the way you were always with me, during both the good as well as the bad days in my life. The way you laughed at my lame jokes, and the way you’ve tried to calm me, whenever I get into dilemma. Day after day I’ve known you a little more every new day. You’ve given me a reason to smile, a hope to live better. A new chapter of my life has begun after the day I met you. Sometimes I feel do you also feel the way I do? But for that again someone has to initiate. I always dreamt of a perfect life with a person like you. Will you be the reason for a smile on my face for the rest of my life? A hopeful heart and a lone soul are awaiting your reply!”


He just couldn’t stop himself after reading the letter and rushed towards the parking, where I was waiting with hundreds of questions in my mind. The ten minutes which I spent there waiting for him with the wildest thoughts in mind were no less than a trailer of a most awaited horror film. The moment I saw him rushing towards me with a strange expression, I could feel the drop in my pulse. Though he came up with a strange expression I could feel the happiness inside him.

I was on seventh heaven, and we again stood their uttering not even a single word.

I smiled and stared walking because I knew both of us loved each other and we’ve expressed our feelings. For me it was the happy ending of the day. But he hold my hand and spoke “Where are you going, the date isn’t over yet”, he just hugged me and their, I stood still numb don’t know what to say. But It was the silence still persisting and prevailing.