Through the clear glass panel in front,

splashed with stray raindrops now and then

wiped carelessly away by arms of rubber,

I can see …

The long, black path before me.

Black, tar-coated

and hot is the road

-a future …

a glance into an equally clear

rear-view mirror

gives me a picture

in the past

as clear as it is etched in my heart.

I accelerate to escape

the mad, honking traffic jam of emotions.

But my brakes screech

as I halt grudgingly

to let a mixed crowd of jumbled emotions

pass at the zebra-crossing.

I keep changing gears

but none seems to quench

the thirst quenched-desire within me.

I park my car

in a cramped heart,

stuffed with thoughts

and noisily slam

the gates of time shut

for today.

Today’s journey over,

Tomorrow’s journey dreaded but awaited…

I run home…

“Dad, I learned how to drive!”