A little boy planned a long trip to the home of God. He didn't know the address of God, so he packed lot of food items in his suitcase. Cookies, chocolates and coke was some of his favorite items. So, he packed them in plenty and started his journey.
When he had gone just few meters, he met an old women sitting silently in the park.
The boy decided to have some rest and sat down next to her. As he was hungry, he opened his suitcase and picked some cookies. But, he was about to eat those cookies, he thought the old women is hungry. So, he offered cookies to her.
The old women smiled at him. It was pretty smile and the boy wanted to see it again. So, he offered her some chocolates. She smiled again at him. The boy was delighted! The sat there till evening eating and smiling without a word said.
When it was dark. The old lady decided to leave. The old lady turned back to him and gave her biggest smile ever. The boy also went to his home. When her mom opened the door for the boy, she was surprised by the joyful look of her child.
She curiously asked him,  
" What mad him so happy?"
He replied,
"I saw the God smiling at me". The boy added, "I also at cookies with the God".
Meanwhile, the old lady with same kind of expression reached her home. Her grandson opened door for her. He was stunned with the amazing kind of expression on his grandmother face.
He also asked, "GrandMaa, what happened to her and what is the reason for your smiling face?"
But the lady was not in the mood of answering any question. She was silent and happy. But when grandson asked again, she replied,
"She ate cookies and chocolates with the God" and added further, "You know, he is much younger than I thought"