We all know them but we never thought of them. 

“ Aeeee signal ho gaya….chalo chalo” “sir please rose le lo mam ke liye” “ mam bubble” This is how my every morning begins. I am most unlucky child is what I think every night. Not because I don’t have money because I don’t know who my parents are where they live and how I came to these people. All I know is I am one of their kind and I am meant to be with them.  Nirmala di is nice to me but never tells me about my parents, he just says they are the ones who ride luxury car, So I go to every car and check if they are there.

“Nirmala di today I heard a new word ‘School’…What is dat”

“Want to go School?”

“Yes, a guy in auto asked me to go”

“Which school Girls? Boys? Co?”… “What is your gender chintu”

“Vo kya hota he?”

“Remember you are not a boy neither a girl you are transgender, this world will be very harsh to you”

“Is it my fault that I am a transgender?”

His eyes filled with tears when he started his story, every parent love their child but the day you and I and people like us where born they abused as like hell and threw us in dustbin to die. From there we collected you and all your friends. We all grow up like normal human being but the slowly we become a part of fun for people. We are never accepted by society we cannot live a normal life. We are supposed to dress up and beg in front of people not because we love doing this but because we are not allowed to do anything else.


People look at us and laugh, can I ask for what reason. Just because good made us so. We don’t have any much desire like these ill humans who just run behind money. We just want a place to breathe freely and where we can stand and say yes I am transgender and I am not ashamed of it. And I am here not to entertain you I am a human. All I expect is think before you laugh at me. I am better then you are.