“Sir? Mr. Ballet are you ok?” a sweet voice resounded in my head like a rhythm. A syrup that was turning bitter. Why did I have to listen to this? I was already feeling sick, but this voice was making me feel worse.

“Shh…” was all I could get out of my mouth. Good. Maybe she heard it for I heard a slight gasp and then there was silence. Slowly I opened my eyes. The world looked blurry and a nausea tic sensation made me feel like hurling up. Gathering what was left of my strength, I tried speaking, but my throat was too dry. The person beside me realized this and after a short moment there was a glass of water near my lips and a hand under my head, trying to help me in drinking. As I drank, I blinked a couple of times and the blurry world started going back to normal again. “Who are you?” I finally managed to get the words out of my mouth.

“Geez, how many times has this happened already? I am you nurse” the woman said, wiping off water from my neck that fell down while I was drinking. She put away the glass and sat on the bed beside me.

“Want me to read this book to you again?” she asked smiling. In her hands she held the book that I had discovered some time ago. What did she mean by ‘again’?

Seeing my perplexed expression she sighed heavily and opened the book. She looked like she was bored of doing something again and again. As if her life had turned monotonous. On looking closer I could tell that she was in her late 20’s. Her front bangs had grown longer than they were supposed to and she was having problem with them as she looked at the first page of the book. I never knew there was a nurse in the house.

“You… have you done this before?” I asked not knowing what to expect.

“Yes, I do it almost every day sir. Your condition seems to have become worse. Earlier this would happen in a few days interval, but for the past whole week we have repeated this pattern every evening.” She kept looking at the book while she spoke. Somehow listening to all this scared me. Wasn’t it today when I lost my mind? Why did it sound like I had already lived like this for quite some time? Suddenly I remembered my diary entry. That’s right. The answers are in the book. It didn’t matter what this nurse thought or said. I had to find the answers myself.

“Could you please read the book?” she started reading instantly, it seemed like she had it memorized.

“I had never seen such beautiful eyes before. Rose, you stole my heart the first time we met…”

Rose? As soon as I heard the name, I realized what had made me feel dizzy at that time. I saw some one’s face. I saw a girl smiling. Her face was really close to mine and she had golden brown eyes. More or less I had a gut feeling that this was Rose.

“Sir… Sir? Are you ok?” the nurse was looking at me with worried eyes.

Her expression had not changed much from before and she had a look that said that this was also something that had happened before. I could feel warm tears slide down my cheeks and enter my ears. I was crying and I did not know why. Everything was happening at such a quick pace suddenly.

It was like having a bundle of complex emotions without knowing the cause. Wiping off my tears I asked the nurse to continue reading. I myself had no idea as to why the tears came out.

“That moment I fell in love with an angel.”