This story is a myth on how different languages came in to the world.


At first when the world was created, all men spoke the same language.  They all lived together under the stars. But to protect themselves against nature they wanted to build a house. They started building the house; one storey after another. The building grew higher and higher. It surpassed tallest of the tall trees like, the bean plant Jack had planted and reached up to the clouds. During this whole time God was watching them. He liked their team spirit and will to make themselves better. As they spoke the same language there was no miss communication between them. They all spoke their hearts out and the best ideas were accepted. God appreciated their intellect and intension of living together peacefully, securely. The unity he saw pleased his eyes calmed his soul.

But even after the tower reached the clouds the humans were not satisfied. They build the building higher and higher. The tower grew far from its roots. No matter how high it grew it did not satisfy the humans. This evoked the wrath of God. He saw that these creatures were never happy. They wanted more and more. They were perfectionists but did not know where to stop. There greed was beyond any measuring unit. God was startled to see his created men acting so irrationally, men who were supposed to be the epitome of perfection. God’s heart raged and pained to see his creations.

God with his one swift blow thrashed down the building. The epitome of human civilization, human excellence broke down to bits. All the men scattered here and there. Many families were torn apart. Many people died. The people then came together but failed to understand what other people spoke. There was a collision due to misinterpretation. The situation was utter chaos. People could hardly communicate with each other. The only way of communication was symbols. They moved their hands, legs and made expressions but the whole message could not be conveyed. People’s mind filled with distrust and disgust as they were neither able to understand another person nor could they convey their message clearly. Even members of a family did not speak the same language.

Therefore, there unity was broken. The peace vanished. All that people had in their hearts was anger as he always felt that the person in hand was not trying hard enough to understand and execute the orders.

God had bestowed them with different languages. He had divided them due to their over ambition and greed. Now their communication was restricted. Their actions limited. This division of language was a challenge, one of the first odds God had thrown on humans. Though men were in utter chaos and they had evoked the wrath of God, God was counting on the excellence of His excellent creation.