The lone doctor on a remote inhabited island of Andaman Islands,  doomed by the cataclysmal Tsunami. Is he able to save himself,  his family & the village? Let’s see a real life story which will excite you with shock & awe more than the movie Airlift.


The disastrous Tsunami of December 2004 originated in Indian Ocean & caused great destruction of life & property in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, as far as Madagascar & also in Indian territories of Tamilnadu & the beautiful islands of Andaman & Nicobar. Have you ever listened to a real life experience of a Tsunami survivor, more appropriately the Tsunami Warrior.

A qualified Doctor,an orthopaedician,  Dr Anuranjan from Jashpur,Chhattisgarh  has went to serve on a remote island in North Andamanas,  where he is unfortunately doomed to face the monstrous Tsunamiiii. Not just he faces it,  he fights it, keeping the villagers safe & works for the reconstruction after the total devastation. His story inspires bravery, sparks emotions & underlines the importance of small things which can have a great impact on life.


It all started with strong earthquakes.  For a man who has never experienced a quake,  he realises he was rolling on the ground after he fell from his bed in the early morning.

At the sametime,  it was like Big 40,000 Volt Sound Speakers had been placed just outside his home & they which were making frightening booming sounds.

Then his family was taken out by the locals & they could see great waves as high as a 50-storey building was racing towards them from sea. Dr Anuranjan put his family on a pickup-van to be taken to the heights on the hills to be saved & he himself went to save other people. As the waves came people were still running towards the heights, he saw his close ones getting engulfed by the waves.  On the heights, villagers were happy to see the doctor alive.

He was still searching for his family,  after half an hour he sees the same pickup-van carrying his family lying upside down destroyed by the waves.!!!  What a moment of grief it was! His mind simply drew blank,  he couldn’t think of anything….. People also didn’t know of anything…. He was almost gone mad…..!!!!

But fortunately a man came running & announced that the family of all the officers & the doctor were safe in the guest house on the mountain. After a few moment,  he was almost like back to life.


Thereafter,  Food scarcity followed,  for days before the rescue actually arrived. Amid that scarcity there came a moment, when Dr Anuranjan was going to feed his child with the milk dissolved with Milk Powder,  he had almost put the milk into the child’s mouth before someone cried that the the white packet that was dissolved in the milk was that of deadly DDT & not milk powder!!!! (everything was so mixed up in the post disaster environment).  A current of shock passed through his hand & he threw the milk away. His own child was just about to die,  not by tsunami,  but with his own hands –  Could you survive the guilt throughout your life if you child would die like this!??

Thereafter, his family went but he stayed, fighting for the reconstruction of the island and its inhabitants. There was enough supplies of food,  water & other necessary items due to disaster aid,  but ensuring an equal & just distribution was an important task and can be undertaken only by a person well aware  the local conditions & the people,  which he effectively did. There were scuffles with the bossy officials from outside who came just then & tried to control everything. But finally things were going smooth.

He was the real life Akshay Kumar of Airlift,of the island,  of not just the rescue but also the Renaissance.