The story describes the cute relationship between Pinky and Yamuna. But it ends with the harsh reality of our life.


Arnab and Anjali’s House

Arnab: Anjali, is everything ready for the birthday party?

Anjali: yes Arnab. You don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.

Arnab: what pinky is doing now?

Anjali: she is drawing Arnab

Arnab: she has interest in drawing, am I right?

Anjali: yes, she is also interested in singing and dancing

Arnab: Anjali, these interests will last only up to certain age. Then she has to concentrate only in studies.

Anjali: come on Arnab. She is a kid. When she grow older then we can say like that

Arnab: yes, you are right. But keep in mind she should not mingle with that girl.

Anjali: who? Yamuna

Arnab: yes. She is the kid of our servant maid (Shanthi). You should not allow Yamuna to play with pinky.

Anjali: what to do Arnab? Pinky was playing with Yamuna yesterday. I have already instructed Yamuna’s mother (Shanthi) to behave properly with pinky.

Arnab: but I couldn’t understand why did you allow pinky to play with Yamuna?

Anjali: Arnab, when I was in home I won’t allow. Sometimes I cannot reach home earlier due to hectic works. That time pinky would move closely with Yamuna. Both are in the same age and so they are attracted with each other. I cannot explain to pinky that Yamuna is the kid of Shanthi who is our servant maid.

Arnab: but Anjali try to explain these things to pinky. Otherwise our servant and her kid would take advantage. Though pinky and Yamuna are in the same age the kid of a servant and our baby are not equal.

Yesterday I saw that Yamuna is playing with a toy which I gifted for pinky on her last birthday. Do you know the price of the toy?

Anjali: Arnab, I can understand what you are trying to say. But we have to wait for couple of years. Then only we can explain these things to pinky.

Arnab: Ok, leave it. We should celebrate pinky’s birthday in a grand manner.

Anjali: yes Arnab. We will do it together.

Pinky’s Birthday Party

As Arnab is a well know business man he has invited many people for pinky’s birthday party. He has gifted an expensive dress for pinky.

Even Anjali thought that pinky’s dress is so expensive and it is not necessary for her at this young age. But Arnab want to show pinky as an angel in front of his friends.

Pinky’s birthday party has been started and they have distributed the cakes and sweets to everyone. When they were busy taking with their friend’s pinky took a piece of cake and gave it to Yamuna (servant shanthi’s kid).

After a while Yamuna and pinky started to play with the cake. So the cake has been sprinkled in pinky’s dress. On seeing this Arnab could not control his anger. So he moved towards Yamuna and began to scold her. That time pinky interrupted and said “daddy, don’t scold Yamuna. She is also like me. Papa, do you know something. Today is Yamuna’s birthday. She told me now. We both have born in the same date. So don’t scold her papa. Please”

The guests who are all gathered in the hall praised pinky for her kind behavior. Some of them had asked Arnab and Anjali about Yamuna. But what they can reply. They don’t know anything about Yamuna. For them she is only a kid of her servant Shanthi.

Arnab and Anjali: So they said yes, we know today is Yamuna’s birthday. So we have decided to give some gifts for her.


9 P.M

Arnab: Shanthi, come here.

Shanthi (Servant maid) Sir, I have finished my work today. Can I leave now?

Arnab: ok, but I have deducted Rs.100 from your monthly salary.

Shanthi: shocked and asked, why sir?

Arnab: do you know the price of the cake. Your daughter has taken more pieces of cake today. So I have decided to deduct Rs.100 as a fine. If your daughter keep on doing like this then you will be getting low salary for the next month also.

Shanthi: sir, please don’t do that. I’ll explain to Yamuna and she will not disturb pinky hereafter.

Arnab: ok, you can leave now.

Shanthi: she was worried about her future. She thinks that this fateful birthday party has spoiled everything and she cannot buy enough groceries that month due to low income.