Once there lived a Brahmin in certain town. He was a thief. It was believed that he became thief due to some reason. He had done some bad things in his previous life. After some days four Brahmins came into this town from a far- away place. They came here to sell some goods. Days after days they made his business very successful. They earned sufficient money. Days passed away the thief kept watch on them making money. Thief got jealous from them and wants to steal their money from them. So he made a plan.
The thief approached the Brahmins as a good fellow. He won their confidence very soon by reciting the holy books by his expressing style. He done his job as effectively that the Brahmins did not understand his plan. The thief requested them to allow him to work with them. The Brahmins were agreed for this. Days passed away and the thief won their confidence. 
One day the Brahmins sold all of their goods and earned a lot of money. They thought it would not be safe to take away all the money. It might be stolen during the journey. So they decided to purchase the jewels with all the money. They kept the jewels inside their thighs after making a cut in it. They hide all the money inside it and pasted their thigh with a special type of ointment to heal it. They did all this work at the time when the thief was with them. So he knew all about hiding the jewels. He thought, “I did not get a chance to steal the money till now. If they went away then how can I able to steal the jewels. So he decided to travel with them to get a chance to steal them on their way. I can give them poison on the way and steal the precious jewels.”
After some time when they all started to leave towards their home, the thief started to pretend to weep. He said to them, “Friends, you are leaving now. Our leaving makes me very sad. We were together from many days and it shared a bond of love between you and me. After your departure I will be left alone here. How I will live without you all. Please take me along with you.” After listening this Brahmins get emotional and decided to take the thief with them. Then they all together started their journey.
On their way, they were going through the jungle and after that they were crossing a village where a wild tribe lived. The chief of the tribe had a magical crow. Crow was his pet and he remains always with the chief. The crow has the power to foresee many things. As they all came near their place, the crow screamed loudly, these men have treasure with them! Kill them! Take away the treasure. Do fast!

 When the tribesmen heard this, they captured all the five friends. They start searching them and their belongings. They even removed their clothes. They searched all the things but found nothing. 
The chief said to them, “You definitely have something precious with you. The crow has magical power. He has never been wrong prediction before. Gave us all your treasure or we kill you all. Tell us the truth where you hide all the treasure. You may be eaten up the treasure, we can open up your stomach to recover the treasure. I warning you tell us the truth.”
The thief who also a Brahmin thought, “If they kill anyone of them and searched their bodies, they will get the jewels. They will not believe me, and kill me too to recover the treasure. Although they will not recover any jewels from my body, but I will die anyway.” He made a plan to get rid from all this and said to the chief, “My Highness, you think that we have hide the treasure in our bodies. But it will be your mistake to sacrifice all of us only to pay for the crow’s wrong prediction! I offer you myself. You can sacrifice me and open my body to recover the treasure if any.”
The chief get agreed from the thief sacrificed himself. The tribesmen killed the thief and looked every part of his body, but they found nothing. The chief was confused and thought for a while that it may be the crow misunderstanding. He humbly said to the remaining four Brahmins, “O Brahmins, it was the mistake of the crow to misunderstood you. We made a mistake to kill one of your friend, for he did not hiding the treasure. I will not want to do further mistake by killing any of you without any reason. I release you all and allow you all to continue your journey.” 
In this way the four Brahmins were saved with all their jewels and continued their journey.

The wise indeed say:

Better an intelligent enemy than a foolish friend.