Once upon a time there lived a merchant’s son in a town. His name was Jveernadhana. He done a lot to get success in his life but he failed to do so. He faced lot of difficulty in his business and lost all his money. So he decided to move to different place to seek other business. He got very costly iron rods from his ancestors. So he decided to keep these rods to a nearby merchant in exchange of some money for his travelling. Then he decided to take over his iron rods after returning from the journey by paying the money of the merchant. 
After some days he started his journey. He travelled all over the country and got success. He earned a lot of money. So he decided to return to his home to start a business in his home town. After returning to his home, first he went to the merchant to take over his iron balances. He said to him, “Dear, Please return my iron balances which I had kept with you before going to my journey.”
The merchant did not want to return it so he decided lying to him. He said, “Dear friend, I sorry but I do not have your iron rods anymore. There is a problem with rats here. The rats eating up the entire thing present here. They also have eaten up yours too. There is no iron balance anymore now.” The merchant’s son understood the whole matter. He told to him, “If the rats eaten up all the things, there is nothing that you can do. This is not your mistake. Anyway, nothing can last forever.” He continued, “I want to go for a bath to the nearby river. Please send your son with me to help me in carrying my belongings and to keep watch on them while I taking bath.”
The other merchant did not understand the motive of the merchant’s son so he agreed with him. He called his son and said to him, “Son, he is your uncle. Please help him to carrying his belongings to the nearby river and looked after them while he take his bath. So that no one can steal his belongings.” The boy agreed to went with the merchant’s son.
After sometime the merchant’s son and the boy went to the nearby river. He took bath there and after it the merchant’s son took the boy to a nearby cave in a jungle. He left the boy inside the dark cave alone and blocked the gate of the cave with a huge stone. After that he returned to the other merchant’s place. Seeing the merchant’s son alone the other merchant asked to him, “Where is my son dear? Why you returned alone? Is everything alright.” The merchant’s son replied to him and narrating a false story, “Dear I feel so sorry for you. “When I was taking my bath in the river your son standing near the river and kept watching my belongings. Suddenly there came a flamingo, which is flying there, near to him and took away your boy with him in its claws. I tried to rescue him from his claw but could not do anything.”

After hearing this the other merchant got very angry and shouted on him. He said to him, “Why are you lying to me? How can a flamingo carrying a boy in its claws. It’s impossible. You are a liar. I shall complain about you to the village elder person.”
The merchant’s son did not say anything to him and then the other merchant carried him to the village elders and started complaining. He said to them, “he is a shameful person, who kidnapped my son.” The village elders ordered him, “How can you do this?  Return his son to him immediately!" But the merchant’s son remained as it was. He said to them, “It’s not my fault. I have done nothing; a flamingo came down near to the boy at the bank of river and carried him in its claws.”
Hearing this all the village elders got very angry. The chief of them shouted on him, “How can a flamingo carried a child in its claw? You are lying!" The merchant’s son replied to them, “Sir! In a town where rats can eat iron, then why cannot a flamingo carry a child?" The village elders get shocked after hearing this. They asked to him, “What are you saying? Where do you see the rat eating the iron? What do you want to say? Please tell clearly.” 
The merchant’s son then narrated the entire story to them and told them how he had hidden the merchant’s boy in the cave to get his iron rods back from the merchant. When they all heard the entire story of the merchant’s son they understood the whole matter and all started laughing. The other merchant was ashamed on his doing. The village elders ordered the other merchant to apologise for his behaviour and to return all the iron balances to the merchant’s son immediately and recover his son from the cave.

The wise indeed say: 

“Tit for tat” is the best policy in life.

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