Once there lived a pair of sparrows on a huge banyan tree in a jungle. They made a beautiful nest by their hard work. Nest was so beautiful and comfortable that kept protected them in all different seasons. They lived happily there.

One day during the winter season they were in their nest and enjoying the comforts of their nest, suddenly it started raining outside. After sometime there came a monkey on the same tree. He wants to take shelter of the tree as he feel much cold. He wet thoroughly in the rain and he got shivering due to cold. His teeth start chattering in the cold.

When the sparrows were in there nest the female sparrow saw the monkey, she felt pity on the monkey and said to him, “Dear, you have hands and feet as human then why don’t you make a protected home yourself? Why don’t you used his hand to made a shelter for himself?”

As the monkey was already suffering from the cold and the rain he was not in the mood to take any advice from anyone. He got angry after listening the female sparrow and shouted on her, “You stupid sparrow; Why are you advising me? Why can’t you make shut your mouth?”

     But the female sparrow continued her advice. She explained how they made their home and enjoy all the comforts of their home. They did not suffer from any problems either heat, or cold, or rain. This made the monkey very angry and aggressive. The monkey thought, “What a female sparrow! What she think about itself as she the master of all the sciences and philosophies. Why giving my advices without asking to give the same. She made me so angry that i might kill her now. I am already suffering from cold and rain i do not want to hear any advice anymore.” But the female sparrow did not stop herself and continued advising him. At one moment the monkey got as angry as he climbed up the tree and reached the nest of the sparrow. The monkey destroyed her nest completely and the sparrow could not do anything.

The wise indeed say:

Give your advice only to those who deserve it, else you will come to grief.