My journey towards the search of Shiva grew as days passed. The fact behind the symbol of Shiva in dancing mode, the so-called NATARAJA form of Shiva is the most interesting one. It is a symbol that confers the facts about life including the five powers that controls life on Earth such as the Air, Water, Land, Fire and Sky. Shiva is the god of destruction, and a ring of flames encircles him. These represent the cremation fires which are ultimately going to consume our mortal bodies. Shiva’s tresses are long and flowing, and dark as the night is. Supra-normal energy, amounting to the power of magic, resides in such a wildness of hair. Dance is a conscious attempt at integrating all the tiers of our existence. Dance is therefore a spiritual channel, an opening of both metaphysical and sensuous doorways. Thus, through his Nataraja form, Shiva tries to explain us how to control our senses and our survival on this Earth using the supreme five powers.

Several miracles started happening in my life with the blessings of Shiva. But unfortunately dangers were also intimated to me through my dreams which I couldn’t help. Once, I had a dream in which there occurred flooding in the river near our home. I was running through the roads from my school towards home and a big wave of water rose from the river. The wave followed chasing me all around my way. I hurried out and stepped into my home and I woke up from dream. I did not make it a serious point since it seemed funny for me at that moment. But, some days later, there occurred the most known disaster of Chennai’s flood by 8th December. It sent shivers into me while I saw in the NEWS in television, the same kind of waves rising upon the Adaiyar bridge from the flooding water. I felt indifferent about how waves could rise from a river, since it was usual only in the sea. I felt that God has intimated me about this disaster earlier but in a different way as if I had been in the place of disaster. I had been incapable of realizing this and even if I had realized it, I had nothing to stop such a cause.

Day by day, my faith on Shiva rose up and I started analyzing things around me and my dreams, so that I could stop any other disaster like the previous one. Later I understood that, fate, I may call the plans of Shiva, about various occurrences on earth could not be changed by any human powers. Fortunately, I was not intimated about any other disasters to make me guilty anymore. Rather, I decided to change up His plans through prayers. Yes, prayers and spiritual meditation could bring him close to us and make him listen to our prayers.

Time passed by. I got a different new kind of infection in my right index finger that prevented me from doing my works. I couldn’t hold up even my pen to write. Everything became hard for me. Even the doctors had no idea of what infection it actually was and they had no clue of what to proceed further on treating this. I asked Shiva about why this was happening yet I consoled myself that he has a reason behind his every play. I have heard that fasting on Tuesdays could cure up any disease through the powers of my Sri Vaitheeswaran. I decided to take up this idea for my cure. It is believed that prayers like fasting, foot travel to distance temples, offering to holy showering of the statues in shrines, etc can help in expressing our Love and faith towards God. I started fasting and in exactly the third week of my fasting my infection got cured completely. I thanked Shiva for his miracle again in my life. Everyone had felt sad and scared since the doctor’s could not cure me. Fortunately, Shiva answered my prayers.

That was a tragic time when my family experienced little financial crisis and my mom was in search of a job. It was a long term prayer for me to improve the finances of my family. But I felt it unanswered yet I did not lose faith. This time, I decided to take up more tough chances to make my Shiva listen to me and answer sooner. Yes, I took a continuous fasting for three consecutive days where I did not eat even fruits (generally, people under fasting are permitted to eat fruits and liquid food) and in those three days, water was my only power. I chanted Shiva’s name all through the day and I even forgot hunger. Three days ended, I felt completely exhausted after fasting yet there was no good news. I believed that Shiva will answer my prayer, even if not immediately but sure at some time. I was waiting for a good news to come. Days passed, weeks scrolled, around a month passed and then came an opportunity for my mother to work in a college. She had previous experience and hence she was appointed in a better position in renowned institution. I felt greatly happy as this would surely calm out several problems in my family.

Thus, Shiva had always been there with me in my every move and has been leading me through my tough times yet not leaving my hands out of his safety.