Miracles happened through Shiva as I came across many intuitions that started coming live. I realized that Shiva was the sole power that controlled all the existences of this world. My time of prayers and faith on Shiva started increasing. I started reading books about the MOST POWERFUL SAGE, SHIV, as he is regarded in the myths. Yes, the Lord Shiva is a sage who has become the ultimate power through his skills of controlling his senses, which is the basic requisite for anyone to become a Sage, out of which Shiva stood extra-ordinary and became the super power.

My curiosity to know about Shiva increased day by day. Shiva in every temple had different powers and names accordingly. Once, I had a dream in which I had been performing poojas to the Lord, in a Shiv temple. I quite remembered the name of the Lord and the temple even after I woke up from sleep. I searched the internet for the location of that temple but it was found no where. I questioned everyone I knew about the existence of such a temple and found nothing. I kept thinking to myself about my dream, the reason for the occurrence of such an event in a dream where I myself was performing poojas inside a temple. It was unusual for common people to enter the so-called interior of the shrine and perform poojas in a temple. But I strongly believed that there is some reason behind this dream. Everyday when I prayed by chanting various names of the Lord, I included this new name too and felt that some day I will have a dharshan of this Lord of my dream.

Another day, I had been to a temple where I heard a chanting of around 108 shivas in different places. To the shock of me, I heard the same name of Shiva that I came across in my dream. I was really excited to know about the existence of the temple in my dream. I informed my dad about this and tried to listen the audio again to know the place details of that temple. Happily, I found the place and decided to visit there soon.

Plans worked out well and I reached the temple with my dad. It was on a far village, less populated , so calm and peaceful. We spoke with the in-charge of the temple and listened to the history of the temple. They were following so many rules and rituals on that particular temple regarding the poojas. It was nearly the time for the Utchchi Kaal, the pooja to be held exactly at 12 noon. The Guru who has to perform the pooja suddenly experienced muscular cramps on his chest and sat stranded near one of the pillars. We do not know how to help him and there were no other people of the village nearby. Everyone were busy in their own works and the temple was actually isolated.

The guru managed to speak out of his pain and asked me to perform the pooja by telling me to chant Sri Rudra. While we were conversing previously I had told him about the mantras and poojas I have learnt through books. So he asked me to perform pooja by chanting Rudra. He also ordered that the Utchchi Kaal pooja should never be given up at any cost as per the rules of the temple while he couldn’t rise up from his pain. Since I belonged to the Brahmin community and as I was aware about the mantras, I was permitted to perform the poojas. I was ordered to shower up milk, honey, curd, rose water, Holy Ash and many other things upon the Shiv Linga while chanting few mantras. I did as per his words. I wondered how my dream exactly came true as I was performing these poojas. I felt spiritually excited to the peak on that moment. As I completed my pooja, in few moments the Guru got well from his pain and spoke to us. He too exclaimed the fact that he had never experienced such pains before and started calling out the people from the village to explain this event. I felt greatly blessed on how Shiva made his play through the guru to make my dream true. I believed that my dream will come true and it happened. My faith on Shiva grew even more stronger and I shared my experience with everyone.

I started realizing the fact that everything happens through his powers and there is nothing we could do to change them. SHIVA IS ALWAYS THE ULTIMATE POWER.