A kiddie girl studying in 5th standard comes…She tells,

“Sissy, I want to write a Story like the one given in my Book. It should have two ‘Honest’ Thieves and a King.”

So, I start to think, scratch my head and finally after a 10 minute gap, brought in my ideas and started with my story.

I wrote a line, scratched it off, wrote another line and scratched it off.

This kiddie upon seeing this said, “Sissy, why do you keep scribbling?”… All I could do was only laugh. Then, I started off by writing, “There were ‘2’ Thieves…”.She stopped me again and said “Sissy, it’s not ‘2’ it’s ‘TWO’ “. I smiled again. But, bit embarrassed with my current situation.

Few minutes passes by, she said, “Sissy, You can even give brand names.”. So I said, “Shall I give NAC GOLD?”…She was like, “No, No Sissy…How will NAC GOLD be in a village”. All I could do was to smile and divert her from making me more embarrassing.

Finally after arguing so much, she agreed with ‘Malabar Gold’ and hence before concluding the Story I wrote…”So Raju and Shankar…”, She stopped me again and said, “Sissy, Why are you giving the names again?. Simply use a pronoun instead.”

And that’s the end of ‘ME’, I couldn’t stop laughing, my friend’s upon seeing this kept smiling. And that’s where I realised, here comes the “Generation Gap”!

The way she talked, the way she responded instantly, the way she acted…Seriously, I never did that when I was young. I was literally amazed to see her talk like that.

This made me feel like…”Gosh, I’M GROWN now”.



Never under estimate your Opponent, She/he may be Small, Large…But, they turn out to be the Boss.