It was a dark, rainy night,

When the lovely moon was in sight.

Not a cry, not a rustle, nothing but …,

Footsteps in someone’s house, thak, thak, thank.

He was climbing up the steps,

And I was up in bed at that time,

At 2:00 in the night!

No one was with me in the room,

Except for my shadow and a lizard.

I was truly scary because in the bathroom,

The tap’s tip, tip, the tip could be heard loudly,

And so very like my heartbeats!

As time went by, the footsteps came closer,

And many questions arose in my mind – was it a man or a ghost?

Was he in our house or in the neighbor’s?

Oh, it was so frightening, and I was so scared, what if he was in our house?

Oh! No, I do not or can not think of what may happen,

Would he take me, would he kidnap me?

All this kept whirling in my mind …

Just then ow ow went by hooting,

By my window, past the ventilators,

Oh! How scared I was, I wish you could have seen after that scary moment, I heard someone walk across the attic, Thak, Thak, Thak-the same footsteps,

Oh! the footsteps, How could they reach the attic, without even crossing my room?

I Wondered , At last the thought came to me,

It was a thief!

But how did he reach the attic from without? Or was it a thief upstairs and a man or ghost