Man is a mystical toy, who hardly realises the truths and the mirages on this big planet. The reason of any human’s failure is that he hardly knows what he is ignorant of. He seldom has any ideas what he lags in and what actually his strength is.

This story is a mere representation of the above mentioned fact on how a father teaches his young,  and innocent teenager that the greatest thing one needs to overcome to achieve something is what lies within and with him only.                                            



‘Tringggggggggg’……’Tringgggggggg’……..sounded the alarm clock kept beside the half torn rug that was kept on the floor on which a boy was sleeping with his hands around his father.’Tringggggggggg’……the sound continued.

“Wake up son….its half past six ,we are getting late.”

 “Yes dad just two more minzzzzzzz ,,,zzzzz…..”

“James , hurry up son else the clouds will show up.The weather is really bad and we need to start the harvesting work today if you remember. Get up man. Quick.”

The son and his middle aged dad lived in a small hut 1.5 miles away from their farm, which was the only source of income for the duo. The only beautiful lady in their house passed away three years ago due to cardiac attack. But the poor father always tried to his utmost level that James never missed his mom, no matter whatever the situation is.

“Sorry son, you have to contemplate yourself with these boiled eggs even today”

“Did you take the breakfast dad”, came the reply from a bit frustrating James.

“My stomach is not in a good state today”

Both of them started from their little hut, heading towards the mini farm set up by them.

Suddenly a curious question was tossed by the old guy to his son” Can you step ahead of your shadow? ”

“No one can,I guess”,James replied.

“Why don’t you give it a try until we reach the farm? Okay let’s see who does it first, you or me.”

“Are you really crazy tod…”  “Come on, give a try at least” ,dad interrupted.

They both started to do the potentially impossible task .The moment they reached the farm James hesitatingly said” Nice task dad, wish never to do it again.”

The old man smiled and said “You certainly should never try it again.”

“James can you please reap that half of the farm and ensure you do nt mess out with even a single crop”

“Oh sure I can do it before the daylight parts away”

Interestingly James was actually able to finish out the task and much to his own surprise he went to his father and said “I said you dad, I can definitely do it.”To this his dad appreciated his determination and power to carry out such a huge task. They embarked their way back to their small world and meanwhile the old guy asked his son” Would you give it a try now???”

“What”, asked the tired son.

“Believe me or not but only one guy has been able to step ahead of his shadow till date”

“Okay then I will do it now and show it you before we reach home”, a very much enthusiastic and determined voice said.

The son tried his best, literally his level best to defeat the jynx that no one can step ahead of their shadow. The moment they reached the home a very drained ,disgusted and angry James shouted out of frustration “I JUST WANT THE GUY’S NAME WHO COULD  IT

NOBODY”, came a calm reply from his dad.

“Then why did you lie to me that…” “Because I wanted to make you realise the importance of assessing your own strengths and weaknesses.” dad said in a very soothing tone.

“Son if you remember properly I had said you not to chase the shadow again, but still you did that just because of the fact that some other guy could do it, not even trying to know who he is.                           

SHADOW teaches you your limitations in life. It is important to know your strengths but it is always more important to know your drawbacks. Not everyone in this world are same, everyone is special in some ways or the other. Your SHADOW always warns you what not to do, that is the reason your SHADOW always stays with you. You need to have a vision from heart to feel your SHADOW in the night too.


Tears rolled down the sparkling eyes which were now very much desperate to explore the SHADOW which remains with us every then and now.