Its about a Girl who recently shifts to a new place and there she finds out something amazing or say something unexpected. A door in her backyard which has been closed since years. None tried to know what’s behind the door. But Being a curious person by nature, she never left any chance of peeping through the So called mysterious door. Let’s see what she found on the other side of the door.

There’s Something Hidden Behind the Door, the door leading to the Backyard Garden. My Tenants have already told me, that they’ve never used that space, It has been left Unused since years, but the Wet paint, and the newly formed webs on the Door Don’t portray the story told, in fact many a times I’ve tried to peep in through the windows, But Alas, the Dust on the other side of the Pane never allowed me to see through it. But the music that I hear every night from the room is something Mysterical.

I always felt like I’ve heard the tune somewhere before, but couldn’t recollect Where and When Exactly! That Music slowly became the Lullabai for me, it reminded me of my childhood when My mom used to song Lullabai’s every night before I sleep. It continued for a couple of days, then Suddenly one day I realized the time was past 12 yet their was no sign of the Music around,I waited till 2pm But I could neither Hear the music, nor I could see anything through the Window Pane. I couldn’t sleep the whole night waiting for Music to be played, I was Wandering around like a child who has lost his candy and Seemed helpless. In No while it was 6’O clock, I went back to the door, leading to the Backyard space.

Days went on and Since that day I never heard the music Again. Even I got busy with my daily chores and I totally forgot about the music. One fine Sunday I Invited My Friends for Dinner, they were all really excited to come home as they’ve heard the stories of The Mysterious Door Leading to the Backyard Garden. All of us were quite curious to know the Secret Hidden Behind the Dusty Panes. All of us met for Lunch, We had a gala time together, danced to the beat, Some Glasses down Of wine And we were all Down……

Then I heard the Same Old Music Past 11’O clock, I was quite surprised to hear the music after these many days.

I tried to follow the music To find the source behind it. This time I actually broke the Window Pane and Entered the Door. It was all dark on the other side, Their was nothing but Huge Trees and A noise of Bats all around and a Single Way Leading to the Jungle.

I never knew there was a jungle here, the dark Jungle with nothing but the Music and Large trees all around. I started walking along the way, after walking a certain distance, I heard the cry of an infant, I tried to look around, is anyone really there, or is it just my imagination. But it was so dark all around that I could see nothing but the Narrow way ahead and a ray of light at the dead end. I followed the way which ultimately ended at a tree. ‘A tree’, finally the place from where the mystique music was being played all this while…… But now who was playing the music??

I could see no one around, I stood there for a very Long time hearing the Music, And trying to figure out the Mystery of Mysterical music.

Then suddenly I felt Tide of Memories trying to take me back along my Past, rememorizing all the childhood Days. I was taken back to the golden days of my life, I could see myself playing in mud, mama scolding me for that, and the rest of the family supporting me. It was like a magical wand which took me back to my past life. All of a sudden came a Wave of Water Which Submerged Me from Behind.

I realized that It was the kitchen tap left unturned last night, may be some of my friends must have forgot to turn It, since the last night the water was being wasted. Drop after drop made a way to the hall where I was lying on ground with my friends, a few lying on the sofa, while he rest on the couches itself.

We had so Many Shots yesterday that we didn’t even realize when and where we slept. But then I remembered, Me breaking the Window pane and leading to the Jungle, I hurriedly rushed to the Door, there were broken pieces of glass lying all around and the door opened, yet the door was closed.

I was in a dilemma what happened to me yesterday, was it a Part of my dream Or was that real? If it was a dream, how can the glass be broken? Or if it’s real Then how did I woke in my Hall, the same place where I slept Last night. Images shaded in my mind, I don’t even remember what was the Mystery I’ve soughed last night!, even my friends Stated I was lying in the hall, whole night.

In fact I was so badly drunk that I couldn’t even remember what happened before dinner, Then how do I remember what happened behind the backyard door???

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