"Mom and Dad don't look for me,I am leaving ,going away from this avaricious and malign world where hypocrites has taken its toll.

Remorse has filled me from top to bottom.I am tired now and want to reside in a deep slumber.Your loving son Chaitanya(chintu)".These were the last words written in a short note to his mother.All this while what had happened that cajoled Chaitanya to take this drastic step?It is seeming abstruse now but the decisions inferred from the past.Let's delve into his past and sneak.

                 Chaitanya ,a 21 year adult from jaipur was a jolly and benign lad until one stormy night turned his life upside down.Chaitanya of his age was a college student,doing chemical engineering.He was the topper of his class ,a tech savvy adulated by the juniors and his mates.His wits had analysed so many problems that it had become a touchstone now .However his financial conditions were so poor that he couldn't afford a college dress.Being a rickshaw driver ,his father earned hundred rupees a day and his mother was a maid-a hand to mouth situation .It was scholarships that helped him met with his studies.His scintillating eyes had spunk in them that spoke volumes about his unmet desires and an urge to fulfill it.

     His goal was to earn so much of wealth that he could inundate his parents with it,by any means.And in quest of that he didn't realize what he was up to.

Time fleeted and the day came.It was a stormy night as if demons were waging war against God.

Birds were taking the flight to  their nests with omnious din.It looked as if the  weather was making prophesy for a coming mishap.

      Spooky,uncanny and tempest tossed ambience had intimidated the residents.Yet somewhere the covert affair was taking place .It was near badi haveli where few men in black with briefcases and pistols were hovering a mendicant."Please leave me,What have I done to you?" whined the poor wrath.

"You have seen what you shouldn't have "reciprocated one of the frantic with a grin.His face was concealed with a black cloth.Loud came a thud,the bullet had ripped the poor's chest and he died.At this time,Chaitanya was returning from his extra classes in a humdrum fashion.The moment he passed the spot he saw the black squad with one of its leader instructing the gang.

The corpse was lying at the side bleeding.Chaitanya hid himself behind the wall ,eavesdropping."We have got a tough mission tonight ,What is decided has to be done today in the destined time.You have got five hours,prepare your ammunition ,AK-47 and cyanides .Remember we would choose dying rather than surrendering ourselves .So get go ".On hearing this Chaitanya was dumbstruck  and shuddered in his grip.He was about to escape when his umbrella fell from his hand.Unfortunately he was caught ,Yes "Caught"  caught in the rattrap of his materialistic desires shunning himself from the ground reality.

    One of the member Aqib got hold of him.His eyes were bloody red with rage and terror. "This boy seems to be a genius,a meticulous one,he can be of some use " said Aqib in a didactic tone."Well boy what's your name "asked Aqib."Chaitanya "he replied. "Um! What do you do?" nudged the man in black."I am a chemical engineer "replied chaitanya in a pride tone."Well!I see he can be a great help, whats say Afzal? asked Aqib putting a sinister smile.Afzal nodded and assented to it.Afzal darted into the dark room and bought with him a brief case .

Chaitanya was dubious about their intentions when the man arrived and handed him the briefcase."What is this?"asked the boy."See for yourself"replied Afzal.Chaitanya unlocked the mystery briefcase and was astounded and taken aback.The bag was full of cash worth fifty lakhs  as estimated by the boy.He hadn't seen such a lumpsum in his entire life.He was going crazy and amazed and had goosebumps."Why are you giving it to me?"asked Chaitanya in a surprised tone.

"Ahaha,We want to hire you for a deadly task and in return we would pay you two crores ".reciprocated Afzal.

"What's that deadly task?"asked the boy curiously ."As you are a chemical engineer you have to prepare an explosive for us that could take million of lives"exclaimed Afzal."How can you be so brutal and take innocent lives?Sorry I would not be a part of your venture".said Chaitanya.He knew that the amount he was been offered was so huge that he could fulfill his aspirations but at the back of his mind he did not wanted to betray his country.Initially he rejected but on being coaxed by the terroists he agreed.

He was brainwashed by Afzal against the country and it's government,the callous audiences who sit back and watch the obnoxious crimes and the whole lot.He was so obsessed with the money that he finally agreed."I am going to make TATP,it is going to meet ur wishes."cited the boy."What is that?"interrogated Aqib.

"It is  triacetone tripeoxide which is highly unstable and uses hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients."answered Chaitanya.

He went to the labs and prepared it overnight and next morning handed it to the gang."Thankyou we appreciate your effort ,here is your money go live your life lavishly and we will proceed to the wrath of the city, hahahaha!"exclaimed Aqib in a hysterical laugh.

It was one week nothing was to be heard or seen .Chaitanya bought a new bunglow and purchased a brand new car.It was the same day a terror mishap took place in  few parts of the city and blasts killed a thousand of people.Their was chaos in the city and people were been rescued and run into hospitals.Their were wailings ,shreaks and the sound of ambulance and then a deadly silence.When Chaitanya heard the news on the grapevine he rushed to the place to see the spectacle himself.

His confrontation with the scene tremored him and he quivered under his grip.Nothing could have broken him as the howlings of mothers for their childrens and husbands .

He was culpable for he destroyed the happy livelihoods .The scene got etched in his mind and that night he couldn't sleep .Realization dawned upon him and he was guilty.At the midnight ,out of the blue he disappeared leaving a short note and vanished into the darkness.

          Next morning when his mother went to his room and found a note they went to the police and lodged the fir.His parents were dumbstruck to found his child acts and he being the creator of the  massive destruction  broke his parents .The trust was gone now.After a few days a news broke out in the nearby village that a dead body was found.On hearing it the police went to claim the body and found out that it was Chaitanya .The postmortem report showed that it was a suicide case.His parents were in a deep sorrow  mourning as their only son had left them.As you sow so shall you reap ,this adage so fits in the scenario.Chaitanya  got paid for his deeds  and many dead souls got justice through divine venegance.This gamble took him to his death bed .

  We should be satisfied with what we have .Happiness comes with small things and with abundance come tensions grievance therefore its said "A fool and his money are soon parted".