Once there lived a king. He had a monkey. The king loved the monkey very much. Although the monkey was a fool, but he was treated as king favourite pet animal. Monkey moved here and there in the palace without any restriction. He also allowed moving freely in the king’s room also. He was treated royally and even moved that places which were not allowed even for other personal servants.

Days passed away. One day when the king slept in his room the monkey kept watch on him so that no one can disturb the king. Suddenly a fly came in the king room and moving here and there in the room. Then fly sat on the chest of the king. The monkey shouted on the fly to go away but the fly would go only for a while and again sat on the king’s chest. This happen again and again, the monkey moved the fly and the fly sat again on the king’s chest. Monkey got very angry and excited, and wants to kill the fly. He starts chasing the fly with a sword. As the fly sat on the king’s chest, the monkey attacked on the fly with his full force. The fly flew away without any injury but the king got severely harm on his chest. King wounded very heavily and due to it he died after sometime.


The wise indeed say:

Beware of a foolish friend. He can cause you more harm than your enemy.