There lived a number of cranes on a big banyan tree near a beautiful lake. They all made their nest on the banyan tree and lived happily. But their happiness did not remain same always. Because after some time a black snake came to lived there. He lived in the hollow at the foot of the tree. He was very poisonous and whenever the young ones were hatched by the cranes he climbed up the tree and eat them. This made the cranes very sad.

One day one of the crane, who lost her young ones sat beside the lake and start weeping. Suddenly a crab came there and heard the crane crying. He came near to the crane and asked the reason for her weeping. He asked her, “Why are you crying dear?” The crane kept weeping and said, “I am an unlucky mother, all of my children were killed up by the black snake. He lived in the hollow of the tree where I lived. What can I do except to weep? That’s why I am weeping here. I would have killed the snake if I could.”

The crab starts thinking after listening all the matter. He made a plan to killed the black snake and the cranes too. The cranes are our natural enemy. So he decided to tell only the half plan to the crane to fulfil his plan. The crab said to the crane, “aunty I made a plan to get rid from the black snake. You have to collect some fishes and some flesh from the nearby tunnel, where a mongoose lives and drop them to the hollow of the snake. When mongoose will come to following the food carried by you and reached the snake’s hollow, he will definitely kill the snake after seeing his food.”

The crane agreed to do as the crab told her. According to the plan the mongoose reached the snake’s hollow while following his food. The snake came out his home and a fight took place between them. The mongoose killed the snake. After sometime the mongoose came to know that there were many cranes lived on the top of the tree. So he climbed up the tree and reached the nests of the cranes. He killed all the cranes one by one made them his food. All the cranes were killed by the mongoose after he killed the black snake.

The wise indeed say:

The solution of the problem should not be worse than the problem itself. While trying to solve the problem, you should not complicate the problem further. First think about the solution.