This is story about a man who known for his kind, loving, generous and helping nature. He helps to others because he loves to do so. He does not want anything in returns for his deed.      

             One day when he was moving out of a dusty street he found a purse lying down on the earth and as he lift off the purse he found it empty. There was not a single penny in the purse. Suddenly a woman came there with a policeman as the purse belongs to that lady and she thought the man stole her money. The policeman arrested him without knowing the truth. The lady asked him again and again for the money but he denied. But when she told him that this money is for her son’s school fees the man’s heart got melts and he wanted to help the lady.  So he gave all his money to the lady. The lady left the after getting money and the policeman held the person for further queries.

     When the lady moves towards her home she counted the money and got shocked as the money got doubled. After few days the woman was going to school to pay her son’s school fees she found a man chasing her. As she got afraid she reached a policeman for complaining the man. He was the same policeman whom she met last time when her purse got stolen. The man was very ill so suddenly he got collapsing.  As they come closer to him they noticed that he was the same man whom they arrested the last time. The policeman narrated the whole story to the woman that how the man helped her after hearing about her son’s school fees. The man said to the woman that he chasing her because he want to be sure that nobody steal your son’s school fees .after knowing the truth the woman have nothing to speak. She apologised for her mistake.