Once there lived a pair of sparrows on the top of a huge banyan tree in a jungle. They prepare a beautiful nest and lived their happily. After few days the female sparrow had laid down her eggs in their nest and they both were waiting for their newborns very soon. They both very happy and planning for their family after their newborns were reached in world.

It was the summer season and heat of the sun at its highest point. On that particular day an elephant was unable to bear the heat of the scorching sun. He became very wild and out of control. He began to destroy all the trees came into his way. In this way he also destroyed the tree where the couple of the sparrows lived in their nest. As he destroyed the tree the branches of the tree came down and so the nest also and all the newly hatched eggs smashed against the ground. Although the sparrows became able to escape from there by flying away but their dream broke down to see that they had lost their eggs. And then the female sparrow began to cry loudly.

After some time a woodpecker passing by there when he heard the cries of sparrow, he touched by her sorrow. He reached to her and said, “Dear sparrow, crying is not the solution of any problem. There is nothing can you do by crying. What is destined to be happening will happen surely. Please stop crying.”

 The female sparrow replied to him, “Dear, whatever you saying are indeed true. But all this happened by the wicked elephant. He killed all my children and we had done no harm to him. If you are my good friend then please suggest me a way to destroy this elephant to take the revenge of my children’s death.”

The woodpecker agreed and replied to her, “I have a fly as a good friend. We should take her help to destroy this wicked elephant.” Within few moments the woodpecker and the female sparrow reached the fly and then the woodpecker began to explained, “Dear, meet this sparrow. She is my good friend. A wicked elephant had destroyed all her eggs. Please help us and suggest a way to destroy the wicked elephant.”

After hearing all the matter fly agreed to help them. She said, “I will definitely help you. I am your friend and it’s my responsibility to help my friend in needs. I have a frog as my good friend, let us take his help to destroy the wicked elephant.” Thus, the fly, woodpecker and the female sparrow reached to the frog and explained all the matter. After hearing all the matter the old frog said, “Although the elephant is big, he is alone. If we work together to destroy him, he cannot do anything. I have a plan.” And he explained his plan to them.






He said, “Fly! When the sun at its extreme point, your work would to buzz in the ears of the elephant. And when he closes his eyes to protect them from the heat of the scorching sun, the woodpecker’s task to peck his eyes and make him blind. In this scorching summer, he will then definitely go to search for water, but being blinded already he will not be able to do so. Then I will sit on the side of the nearby pit and croak as loudly as I can do.”

He continued his plan and said, "When the thirsty elephant hears this voice, he will think that there is a pond or lake nearby to him and then follow my voice. And when he does so, he will fall into the pit and drop dead. In this way, we can take revenge of the death of the sparrow's children!"

All agreed to the plan, and managed to done according to the plan. They all done their tasks successfully, and the elephant fell into the muddy pit and finally died.

The wise indeed say:

Even the low and humble achieve results when they work together.