This is a story about three fishes which lived in a pond along with many other fishes and water creatures. There named were Anagatavidhata, Pratyutpannamati and Yadbhavishya. They all lived together happily in the pond. One day some fishermen were passing nearby the pond.

They examined the pond and came to a conclusion that this pond was full of fishes. Since, they were already returning to their home after catching many fishes. They decided to come back here the next morning to catching the fishes.
They all discussed, “There is a lot of fishes in this pond which are of different sizes. There are too many of big sizes also. We never came to this pond to caught fishes. So we came there next morning to caught fishes.” When they were discussing all the matters the three fishes swimming on the surface nearby them and heard all the plan of the fishermen. One of the fishes frightened and immediately informed all the fishes to get assembled. He told them whatever they had heard about the plans of fishermen. 

He said to them, “Next morning, the fishermen will reach there to catch us. I do not want to die in this way. So, I decided to leave with my family as soon as possible. You should all follow me to save our lives. It will be very dangerous to stay here any longer. We should leave this place now.”

The second fish agreed with him and said, “My friend, you are correct for whatever you said. We shall follow you. It will be foolish to remain here any longer. We should immediately move to some other place to save our life.”
But the third fishes disagreed with them.  He laughed at the two fishes and start insulting them. He said to the other fishes assembled there, “look dear, how timidly these both act! This pond belonged to our ancestors and we lived there for a long time. Now it is our home place. How can we leave this place? Up to there is no harm has ever come to anybody.” He continued himself, “It is not wise to leave this place just because some fishermen were discussing their plans. There is no need to be panic and to leave our home. Nothing will be happened, and those who agree with me, I suggest them to stay there and not to go to some other unknown place.”

Some of the fishes convinced, he continued explaining, “The holy books stat that when time for one’s death reaches, one should not afraid from this. If death has to come, he should die bravely in our home rather to escape from this cowardly.”

In this way the fishes of the pond divided into two groups. The group that convinced by the third fish and wanted to stay there insulted the other fishes and laughed at them. But the other fishes did not respond them and within the very evening, the families of these fishes started their journey to some other place. They reached to a different pond before the fishermen came there.

The next morning the fishermen reached there according to their plan. They started trapping all the fishes which remain in the pond by casting a net all over the pond. Within a moment all the fishes caught by the fishermen and they lost their lives. The fishermen were extremely happy with the trapping of all the fishes they had caught. 

The wise indeed say:

When you see a danger coming, act immediately.