There lived a jackal named Chandarava, in a jungle near a village. One day he was very hungry and moving here and there for food, but he could not find any food. So he went into the nearby village in search of food.

As he entered into the village, dogs in the village saw him and a group of dogs surrounded him. They barked at him and began to attack ay him with their sharp teeth. As the dogs attacked the jackal, he started running from there to save his life. But the dogs began to chase him, so in an attempt to save his life from the dogs jackal ran into a house.

A washerman lived in this house. There was a big vessel full of blue dye inside the house. As the jackal entered into the house he unknowingly jumped into the vessel and his entire body was dyed with blue colour. He now no longer looked like a jackal. After some time he came out the house, where dogs were waiting for him. As the dogs saw him they were unable to recognise him anymore. They got feared from the jackal as he looked an unknown animal. Dogs became terrified and ran away from there. The disappointed jackal returned to the jungle without any food. The colour of the dye was still on him.

Jackal now became blue coloured jackal and when the other animals of the jungle saw him, they terrified and ran away. This happened for many days and one day all other animals of the jungle gather at one place. They discussed, “This is an unknown animal, and we don’t know the strength of this animal. We cannot do anything. So it’s better to run away from here.”

After few days the jackal realised that why all the animals running away. He called back to the frightened animals and said to them, “Hey dear, why are you running away from here. Don’t afraid from me. The Lord Brahma, who made all the creatures also made me with his own hands and said to me, “Son, there is not a proper king in this jungle to protect the animals. Go to the jungle and help the animals.” He continued, “That is the reason I have come here. There is no need to worry. Come and live in my kingdom peacefully. I have been the king of all the three worlds i.e. Heaven, Earth and Hell.

As the other animals heard this they were convinced and surrounded the jackal and said to him, “O King, you are our king now onwards. We all waiting for your commands. Please let us know whatever you want. We follow your instructions.” Then the jackal assigned a specific responsibility to a particular animal. But he did not assign any task to other jackals due to the fear of being recognised by them and he did not want to come near to other jackals also. So the jackals of the jungle run away.

The smaller animals would serve the blue jackal with his other needs, the lions and the tigers went out to hunt the prey and place them before the jackal every day. Then the jackal would distribute the food among the other animals and himself. In this way, he discharged his royal duties for the other animals under his kingdom. Days passed away in this way and there was peace between animals.



One day, the blue jackal heard the howling of the other jackals at a distance. Unable to overcome from his natural habit, he was so tempted that he was filled with joy. He immediately began to howl like other jackal.


When the other animals and the lions heard this howling, they realised that he was a jackal and how he made them fool at all the time. At the very moment they got anger and said to each other, “This jackal has fooled us. We should not let him live anymore. We should punish him.” When the jackal realised, he tried to run away from them. But the animals got hold of him and they torn him into pieces. He died at the spot.

The wise indeed say:

One, who treats his own people with disrespect, shall surely suffer a bitter end.