I heard someone calling my name one day,

My imagination or really I can not say.

It was the voice of a painful soul,

The voice was from far, and old.

It was wispy and husky,

Like was somebody,

From the past.

Somebody from the dead anon.

The voice did hypnotize.

For I followed it to a big sand mound;

Then stared at it,

Found it a figure with a hand pointed west;

it proceeded, I followed;

And so on…

Overhill, over dale

I heeded not the seedy trail.

It led me through the forests thick.

It came to a halt, I stopped too.

There was no land to go on.

It looked at me.

I stared back;

Then laughing, it went ahead.

I followed too, fool as I was

It stood in midair

And I was lost …