Short days and long nights. Stained pillows and soaked blankets. Unwritten pages but head full of thoughts. These had become a regularity in her life. But only one person could change all of this and she was far far away from her. In a different country, in a different time-zone. Oh how it hurt her to not be able to cross the street and go to her house to tell her the news, how it stung her that she couldn’t rely on her hugs that could take away her sadness like magic, how it pained her that she couldn’t ask her to stay with her until her fear shimmers down. But could anything be done? It was morning where she lived and she had school to attend to and other important stuff. Their connection seemed to be fading and there was nothing she could do to bring back the spark they once had which made them click and become the best of friends. However, there was still a connection between them. There was still a connection because suddenly a message popped up in her phone from her best friend living thousands of miles away.

‘Are you okay?’ it said.

That’s all it took for the dams to burst and the tears fell without any control. Because somehow, even being so far away from her, she felt her need of comfort and security. She felt how she felt and how she wished her to be there to comfort her and help her glue the broken pieces. The pieces that had been broken by another friend. By another betrayal. By another loss.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she typed out a reply ‘I’m fine.’ She sent it to her, not wanting to worry her or disturb her regarding her issues. But little did she know that she wasn’t her best friend for no reason. It was because she understood her pain, her grief and her sadness. It was because she felt her. It was because she knew she was suffering without her having to tell her. It was because she had been there all through the good times as well as the bad. It was because she knew what to say and when to say to make her feel better about herself.

‘Check mail.’ Her next message came making her feel intrigued. She did as was asked and checked her mail. ‘Red & Blue’ was the subject. She opened it and read it full.

Dear Red,

I have a problem here. I am afraid. I am afraid of anything extreme but funnily I reside in the depths. It’s the lashing power of waves that make me fierce but somehow I always calm down in the end. However Red, you are very different. You are extremely different which makes you unique. You are bright and powerful. You make things around you so radiant just by being near. You support them, you insight this powerful determination in them. You are wonderfully warm and make everyone very comfortable. But then I am what I am. I do not like seeing what the world sees in you but instead I’d find out for myself and see what you truly are. I’ll always seek the “why”, you know?

Red, I was surprised to know how you burn uneasily for the people you love, how those failed reciprocations dampen your glare. You may be bright but you are burning. You are burning with pain, agony, anxiety. You seek the white, the black, the grey. You seek the one who makes you feel important, the one who makes you feel like you matter. But remember darling, the white, the black, the grey is in you. The one who makes you feel like you matter is you only. The one who will light your dark night will be you only. It’s these countless bits of you, that you seek. And every time you see a streak of it in somebody, you give them your heart. You give them all you possess. But these carriers you see, most of them are ungrateful. They’ll adorn the radiance you give them but they’ll escape every time you talk of the darkness in you. They’ll enjoy the light shades, embrace the scarlet hue but the dark crimson that poisons your existence shoos them away.

But red, trust me, I am different. I love the depth, the things and what the light hides. I love those unspoken words, the unexpressed feelings, the streaks you leave behind every time you touch the paper. The way you express the most by just a small stroke makes me admire you even more. I love how you are so whole in your half painted streaks and stitches. I’ll always be fond of what you are Red and I’ll be proud of what you make of this life.

Someday, amidst the snow, I promise that I will meet you. I’ll create the depth while you’ll paint the flight. And the flight and the depth will unite to create the distant horizon. The horizon of all those beautiful lively dreams we’ve wanted to live for so long.

With love,


She understood what she was trying to convey from another part of the world. Because that’s what it is all about. Because that is what friendship is about. Understanding each other without having to say it fully. Without having to type it all out.

She understood that no matter what happens and no matter who leaves, she will be the one to stay forever. She will be there because she promised her and she isn’t the one to break her promises. This distance and time zone would neither affect them nor their relationship, and the promise to stay together forever will remain without a shadow of a doubt.

She understood that it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are or how much the distance between two friends is. True friendship always prevails no matter what the circumstance is and no matter what different problems arise.

Because being together, supporting each other and comforting each other, is what matters, until the end of time.