Once there lived a white flea named Mandavisarpini in a palace. She lived in the folds of the white silk sheet of the king’s bed. She happily spent her days by sucking the blood of the king without noticing anybody. She fed the king’s blood when the king undergo fall asleep.

One day a bug entered in the bedroom of the king. He attracted by the decoration of the room. As he entered the room the flea saw him and shouted at him and said to him that what are you doing here in king’s bedroom.

Don’t you know if you get caught what happened with you? Go away. After listening it the bug replied, “Madam, how rudely you welcome a guest. You should treat a guest with good words and respected him. Offer him some refreshments.”

Before replying the flea the bug continued himself that I fed different types of blood but i never tasted the royal blood. I want to taste the royal blood of the king. It must be very sweet as the king eats delicious food. It’s my pleasure to taste the king’s blood. Please permit me to do so.

The flea told him you have a nasty bite like a sharp needle i can permit you only when the king is in deep sleep. You should promise me to wait till the king fell asleep. The bug agreed and promised the flea to feed the king’s blood only after the flea.

After sometime the king’s entered his room to sleep. But before the king falls asleep the bug decided to bite the king as he did not control himself. He bite the king sharply. The king sat on the bed and shouted at his servants, "Hey, there is something in my bed that has bitten me. Check it fast.
On hearing this, the bug quickly hid himself to save his life in a corner of the bed. The servants check the whole bed of the king sheet by sheet and they found the flea between the folds. They killed her without waiting just a minute. The king went to sleep. 

The wise indeed say:

There is no value of the false promises of strangers. You end up paying for it.