Once there lived a Brahmin, named Drona, in a certain town. The Brahmin left all the luxuries of life. He did not wear good clothes, did not eat delicious food or did not practise any lavish means. He followed rigorous practices of worship even during cold, hot and rainy seasons. He did not take care of his health so due to this he became very thin and weak. His hair and nails grew very long due to not maintaining them.

One of his followers offered him a pair of calves. He took care of the calves very much and fed them properly, so in due course of time they grew very fat. He loved them very much.

One day, a robber noticed the calves of the Brahmin and thought, “I shall steal these fat calves from him.” so he made a plan to steal them.

At night, as the robber returned with a rope to steal them he met a devil in his way with a very horrific appearance. As the thief saw him he got frightened and asked him, “Who are you?

 The devil replied him, “I am a devil. I always speak the truth and hate the liars. Introduce yourself!"

The robber frightened with him and confessed, “I am a thief. Now I am on my way to steal two calves of a devoted Brahmin.” The devil impressed by him and then they both became friends. As they both were honest to each other, they planned that the devil eat the Brahmin, and the robber steal the calves. They started to reach the Brahmin home.

As they reached the Brahmin’s home they entered into the home and hid themselves. The Brahmin was at home and went to sleep. The devil and the robber waited for the Brahmin to fall asleep, so they got the opportunity to complete their works.

As soon as the Brahmin fell asleep, they demon came out of hiding and reached the Brahmin to eat him. The robber began to think if the Brahmin woke up when the devil went to eat him, his work will not complete. So he asked the devil to wait till he tied the calves with the rope and left from here.

But the devil did not agree with him and said, “If the calves start making sound during your stealing them, the Brahmin may wake up and escape from him and his purpose will not fulfil.” They both then started a heating argument, and due to this the Brahmin woke up.

When they both saw that the Brahmin woke up, the robber started complaining to the Brahmin that the demon was planning of eating him up. On this, the devil also complained to the Brahmin that the robber was planning to steal the calves from him.

After hearing all this the Brahmin understood the entire matter, and immediately he started praying chants. Hearing this, the devil ran away immediately as fast as he could. Then the Brahmin took out a stick and chased away the robber. In this way the Brahmin got rid from both the devil and the robber.


The wise indeed say:

When thieves fall out, you stand to benefit.