Once there lived a Brahmin, named Mitra Sharma in a small village. He was a deity of Fire- God and worshiped daily. One day during rainy season, when the sky was crowded with clouds, he wanted to conduct a certain sacrificial ritual. So he went to a nearby village, to meet a follower of God and to request him for a goat that he will offer it as a sacrifice to the Gods.
As the Brahmin reached, he requested the follower of God, “Son, I want to perform a sacrificial ritual at this prosperous time. So I came here to you, please give me a well fed goat.” The man agreed with him and gave the Brahmin one of his best goats. After that the Brahmin started his journey to his home. 
The Brahmin carried the goat on his shoulders so that he did not have any problems in controlling the goat on his way. As he covered only a few distances, three thieves followed him at a certain distance so that the Brahmin did not notice them. They were very hungry and they knew that the Brahmin was alone with his goat. 
They started discussing, “We will save ourselves from this hunger, in this rainy season, if we can got success in cheating the Brahmin and steal the goat.” So they made a plan to cheat the Brahmin, in order to gain the goat for themselves.
According to the plan the first thief stood in the path of the Brahmin with a road in his hand. As the Brahmin reached him with the goat on his shoulder, he said to him, “O Brahmin, why are you carrying a dog on his shoulder? What is the reason that you behave so foolishly.” On hearing this the Brahmin got very angry and he replied him, “Can’t you see the difference between a dog and a goat? Are you blind? Can't you see I am carrying a sacrificial goat?"
Then the thief thought he played his part and said to him, “Please don't get angry on me. It’s your goat, you may carry it anyway as you want. Please continue your journey.”
The Brahmin continued his journey but as he covered a little distance, the second thief approached him. Then he said to the Brahmin, “O Brahmin, how foolish you are! How can you carry this dead calf on your shoulder? Shame on you!"
The Brahmin got very angry and shouted on him, “Can't you see it is a goat and not a dead calf? Are you blind totally or you lost your mind? Then the thief replied to him, ““Please don't get angry on me. It’s your goat, have it anyway you want it to be.”

When the Brahmin had gone a little further, the third thief approached him and said, "O Brahmin, This is highly shameful for you do something like this. Why do you carry a donkey on your shoulders? Shame on you! Put him down, before anyone sees you doing this!" 

This time the Brahmin began to think that how can the three persons not see that he was carrying a goat? He thought that he must be carrying a goblin, which is changing shape all the time. He terrified, put the goat down and ran away home.

The thieves had succeeded in their plan. They caught the goat and killed him to feast on him.

The wise indeed say:

Untruth spoken repeatedly appears to be truth.