Once there lived a special bird named Sindhuka in a huge tree on the top of a mountain. The speciality of the bird was that when her dropping fell on the earth, they turned into the Gold. He lived alone on this tree.

One day a hunter roamed to the top of the mountain in search of birds. After many hours when he was not able to catch any bird, he decided to take some rest under the huge tree on which the Sindhuka lived. Suddenly the bird discharged its dropping from the top of the tree, which turned into Gold as he fell on the earth. This all happening made the hunter surprised.

The hunter began to thought, I am catching birds from many years, but I never seen such a bird or even heard of such a bird, whose dropping convert into Gold. This is definitely a special bird, which I have to catch!"

Then he made a plan to catch the bird. He covered the tree with a net very carefully, which the bird did not notice and was caught. When the bird trapped into the net, the hunter put him into a cage and started travelling towards home. At the same time the bird thought how careless he was, that he did not notice the net and got trap.

On his way to home, the hunter thought, “If I keep this bird, I will become rich, and everyone will suspect on me. Someday, someone will come to know the truth of the bird, and then     informed the king about the bird and then I have to give it to the king. But if I present the bird directly to the king, then he offered me something precious in return of this bird.”

As planned he went straight to the king’s palace and told the king everything. He gave the bird to the king. The king became very happy after getting such a special bird whose dropping convert into Gold. He called his servant and ordered him to take care of the bird and to treat him as a royal bird. The king said, “Take proper care of this bird. Put him in a luxurious cage, and give him plenty of food and water."

Suddenly, one of the king’s ministers requested the king, “O King, How can a bird’s droppings turn into Gold? It’s impossible! How can you trust this hunter, who have no knowledge? I request you to open the cage and let the bird go away, and punish this hunter for giving such false information.”

The king gave a thought over the words of his trusted and wise minister, and then ordered the guards to arrest the hunter and release the bird.

No sooner as the bird had freed, he flew up and reached at the top of a nearby gate and sat there. Suddenly he discharged his droppings which turned into Gold that surprised the king and his ministers. They both got shocked and realising that he made a mistake then the king ordered his guards to catch the bird. But the bird flew away in the sky and he promised himself not to be careless again, and flew off where nobody can catch her again. 

The wise indeed say:

Check thoroughly even what seems to be impossible.