Once there lived a big group of elephants in a jungle. They lived deep in the jungle at a certain place near a pond. They enjoyed the water of the pond, so there was no need to go outside this place. They all lived happily there.

After some time, there came a time, when there was no raining took place in that area and the pond started to drying up.  The elephants worried about the drying up the ponds, so they reached to meet the king of the elephant. They said to him, “O King, we do not have enough water anymore, as the pond started to dry up. Some of our young ones are on the verge of death, if we do not find some better place which have sufficient amount of water, we may lost them.”

After heard this, the king began to thought and then said to them, “I remember knowing a place where there is a very big lake at a time. It must still be full of water. We can go there.” The other elephants became very happy and decided to go there in the next morning.

Next morning they all started their journey to the lake. They all travelled for five days and five nights and finally reached the place. There was indeed a big lake, full of water which satisfied the elephants. When the elephants saw so much water in the lake they started jumping into the water and played there.

There were a number of holes in the earth near the lake, where a group of rabbits lived. The holed destroyed all of sudden because of the elephants. A number of rabbits were trampled under the elephants. Some of them died and many others were seriously injured. But the elephant gave no attention towards them. Rabbits could not do anything to stop this misery, so some of them ran away to save their lives.

In the evening when the elephant left the lake, the rabbits that had run away started gathering at one place. They assembled in sorrow and discussed, “Oh dear! These elephants will come here every day, due to lack of water at any other place. We must think a permanent solution to get rid from all this or many of us will get trampled tomorrow. But what can be do against these elephants? We must leave this place to save our lives.”

All the rabbits agreed but one of them disagreed and said, “Dear friends, this is our ancestral home. We must not leave this place. If we can get success in frightening the elephants, they ran away and never return to this place. I have a plan for this. Although we are small rabbits but we are capable of doing this.”

The rabbits agreed with him, and then he explained his whole plan to them. As planned, a rabbit sat on a hill which was on the path of the elephants. After few moments the elephants came there. The rabbit shouted from the hill, “You wicked elephants! I stop you to enter the lake. This lake belongs to the Moon- God. Go way from there.” The king of the elephant and other elephants stopped for a while. The king of the elephant would not dare to anger on the rabbit if any God either. He asked the rabbit what message the small rabbit had for him.

The rabbit replied, “I am the messenger of the Moon- God. He has sent me here to inform you that he prohibits you from entering his lake. Yesterday, many rabbits were injured and many of them were died due to your visit. The rabbits live under the protection of the Moon God, and he is very angry with you. If you want to survive, you should not enter the lake again."

 The king began to think for a while and then said, “If it is right. Then tell me where your Moon- God is. I will go away with my friends, once we have asked for his forgiveness.” It was the evening time, so the rabbit said to him, “The moon God has come down already to his lake to console the families of the rabbits who got killed yesterday. If you want to meet him come with me.”

The elephants agreed with him. He led the king of the elephant to the lake where the reflection of the moon clearly seen in the water. As they reached there he said, “He is very angry today, so please bow to him quietly and leave. You must not disturb him in his meditation. Otherwise, he will be angry with you too.”

The king of the elephant got shocked on seeing the moon in the water. He believed the rabbit and bowed the moon silently and left the place with all elephants. And then the elephant lived happily there after without any disturbance by the elephants anymore.

The wise indeed say:

The weak must make use of all the tactics to survive.