Chapter X: The Secret Trump card


Vasudev said,”Standbot, try to see the location of our Tamilspace 365 in any of the screens”

Standbot looked at all the screens available there.


Yes, Standbot found the screen in which Tamilspace 365 got located.

Vasudev said, “Record the coordinates of our ship”


Standbot recorded the coordinates of their ship.

Vasudev said,”Ok, now you go to our ship’s location”


Standbot moved from there towards the location of their ship.

It reached the area where Tamilspace 365 got kept.


Standbot entered the Tamilspace 365.

Captain Vasudev said, “Before starting the engine, start the protection shield”


Standbot searched for the Protection shield lever.

It found the lever and switched it on.


A Protection shield got created around Tamilspace 365.

Captain Vasudev said, “Start the engine and come out of the warehouse area.


Standbot started the engine and came out of the warehouse area.

At that time, Alarms started ringing and many of the Parparatis got woke up.


Captain Vasudev said, “Alert, Standbot do not give up”

Standbot said,”Ok master”


Captain Vasudev said, “There will be a missile launcher button available”

Standbot said, “Yes master”


The Parparatis came out and started shooting towards Tamilspace 365.

Captain Vasudev said, “Fix the target of the missile over the control room”


Standbot fixed the target of the missile towards the control room.

Captain Vasudev ordered, “Launch the missile”


Standbot pressed the missile launcher button.

A missile got launched from Tamilspace 365 and it gave a direct hit to the control room.


A Heavy explosion occurred.

Many of the Parparatis inside the Control room were dead.


The Power supply got disconnected throughout that zone.

Because it was a central hub for distribution of power.


Captain Vasudev said,”Oh, the power supply got disconnected”

Captain Vasudev continued,” Now, come to our zone, quick “


There were huge confusion and noises created in that zone.

Parparatis were running here and there.


Standbot operated the Ship towards Kutraki Mountains.

Captain Vasudev said, “Use the highest possible speed”


Standbot flew the Ship to reach Kutraki Mountains within half an hour.

There the soldiers at the mouth of the cave saw the ship.


They started shooting at the ship.

Standbot shot them back with the shooting arm which was available in Tamilspace 365.


The soldiers were dead.

Standbot landed the Ship before the Caves.


Again Standbot got converted into a ball.

It flew and came down.


It took the keys from the soldiers.

Standbot went into the caves.


Standbot used the keys to release Captain Vasudev and team.

Captain Vasudev said, “Great! Standbot, you have done a great job”


Captain Vasudev said, “All you people, hurry up, we don’t have much time”

They ran towards the Tamilspace 365.


They got into the Ship.

Swetha closed the doors of the ship immediately.


Captain Vasudev took the control of the ship.

He initiated the engine of the ship.


They flew towards the sky.

Multo and some of the Parparatis who were in the control room were dead.


Therugu got information about the attack on the control room.

Therugu ran to the control room area.


He did not believe that it has got happened.

Therugu shouted towards his officers, “How could this happen?”


Everybody kept quiet.

Therugu said, “I will not spare those aliens”


Captain Vasudev operated the ship at the highest possible speed.

Swetha said, “Master, avoid the memory loss space path”

Captain Vasudev said, “Yes I will drive our ship in the opposite direction”

They escaped out of area up to which the parparatis had their sensing satellites.


It was a great escape.

Sharath said, “Master, you are a genius”


Swetha said, “You are an ultimate leader”

The Parparatis were fuming in anger.


When the message reached Vischeta, he got annoyed.

They developed a revenge mentality within themselves.


They were not able to understand how the team of Captain Vasudev escaped in spite of tight security.

Captain Vasudev only knew that his secret trump card was Standbot.


(Conclusion of the first series of Tamilspace 365)