Chapter VIII: The Conversion


Captain Vasudev said, “Now I recognize many things”

Sharath listened to him.


Captain Vasudev said, “I only designed the standbot”

Sharath said, “Yes sir, I also remember it”


Captain Vasudev said,” We have a microphone arrangement in its body”

Sharath said, “Yes sir”


Captain Vasudev said, “We can remove that one from it”

Sharath said, “Yes sir”


Captain Vasudev said, “There is a control device placed at its bottom”

Sharath said, “Yes sir”


Captain Vasudev said, “We can take it out “

Sharath said, “Yes sir”


Captain Vasudev said, “Since Standbot is a convertible robot, we can convert it into a small ball”

Sharath said, “Good idea”


Captain Vasudev said, “And we can send it to their station”

Sharath said, “Good Idea sir”


Captain Vasudev called,”Standbot, come here”

Standbot moved and went near Vasudev.


He kept his hand beneath the Standbot.

He opened a small door like an arrangement in it.


Then he took out a control device which looked like a small computer.

He also took a small microphone from the body of standbot.


Then he closed the door.

The removal of those units did not bother standbot’s operation in any way.


Then Captain Vasudev operated the control device.

He initiated the conversion process.


Standbot got converted into a small ball.




Chapter IX: The Control room


Vasudev initiated the ball to move out.

The ball moved out of the jail room.


The ball was able to fly also.

Standbot was able to realize what he was doing as a small ball.


It rolled on the floor and escaped out of the caves without the knowledge of the Parparatis soldiers.

From the caves, it started flying in the air.


Vasudev was able to see its location on the control device.

He also placed the microphone in his shirt so that he can give instructions to Standbot.


Sharath asked, “Master, what are you going to do?”

Vasudev said, “Wait, we do not know how many of them are here”


Vasudev added, “We need to escape without their knowledge”

Sharath said, “It is 3 hours travel from here”


Vasudev said, “Yes, either we should be able to go there or our ship should come here”

Sharath said, “But they are more in numbers”


Vasudev said, “Please be calm, there must be a way for us”

Sharath said,”Ok”


Since Standbot was flying in the air, it was moving at a higher velocity than a vehicle on that road.

Many of the species in the Parparatis planet were sleeping.


In the silence of the night, standbot flew in the air.

After some time it reached the Vamsada space station.


Vasudev asked, “Have you reached the station?”

Standbot said, “Yes master”


Vasudev said,”Ok, try to figure out, where their control room got located?”

Stanbot said, “Yes master”


Standbot fell to the ground and rolled on the ground.

It was searching all the buildings inside the research station.


There was a 3 storied building which standbot suspected to be their control room.

Stanbot rolled itself towards the building.


Since it was a night time, only some of the Parparatis were present in the control room.

Those Parparatis were also sleeping in a sitting position in their seats.


It looked like an office area with all computers and technology.

But a different kind of architecture got incorporated in their computers.

Since standbot was rolling, none of the Parparatis were able to sense him.


Vasudev was able to see the location of standbot on his screen.

Sharath said, “Bingo, Standbot has reached their control room”


(To be continued)