There is a mace in this world that you do not connect knowingly. One day you are just a member. It is “The life changing events club.” The honorarium to join the club is hurt beyond belief, payable in full, direct for a lifetime membership. The only decree to the club is that you cannot confess anyone that you are an associate. Being a member of this club is the extreme thing that anyone initially wants in their life. Being a member of this club is the best thing that ever happens to a person in their life, and there is not a person in the club that would ever give up their membership. They are the people spreading joy and optimism and lifting people’s spirits even when their own heart has been broken. I have paid my debt; my lifetime membership arrived mod, not by mail, but by a deep inner perception that I cannot chronicle. It is the best club that I never wanted to be part of. But I am glad that I am a member.”

Intermittently you slog through life with nothing wavering from one month to the next no matter how much you chafe for a revolution to burst beneath your feet. And sometimes your whole world cave in and mended itself in a matter of seconds.

T.J. seemed older than seventeen. Aloof almost. Maybe facing severe  health problems slayed some of the jejune demeanour that presented itself when you had nothing more to concern about than getting your driver’s license, cutting class, or breaking limit. In this world you have two choices-(two big choices) the teacher said in loud voice, you can choose to just breathe in and out without trying or you can choose to be great, but it won’t be easy because life is hard and will beat it to your knees if you let it (so don’t let it) Rage against it train to beat it but learn to love it. Run so fast that your dreams should chase you make a flip so beautiful that the world gaze at you jump so high that you touch the success and when u come back and hit the ground your feet shall have perfect grip, dance to your rhythm of happiness but most importantly you should dream. It may sound so general in classroom with such an enthusiastic teacher and in a loud voice the gathered reply was announced “Yes, I have a Dream”. TJ was so shy and hesitant to share his thoughts on his accepted dream. Then the bell rang to depart from classrooms but he wrote a line saying- “I do have a dream but I am weak enough to accomplish it” and left it under his desk.

Next morning he came early to school excited to see whether somebody has replied or its just lying unanswered. He searched for his crushed sheet inside his desk but found it in his teacher’s table saying “yes it is possible, only if you pay its price- work hard, incur lots of disappointments a lot of failure a lot of pain but don’t give up on your dream, it’s hard changing your life and lead a life worth dying for. There are moments when you are going to doubt yourself. Just imagine yourself actually becoming a person you want to be. You got to live in the forward. We got to embrace faith even when there is no evidence around you. Keep thinking, Keep seeing, and Fail forward, Keep reaching, Keep Climbing. If you quit, no day ever be your day. Every day you wake up, you got to start with that vision. You got to to do what you are born to do.

That day a fighter was born to fight against odds to reach his dream. Even his medical conditions couldn’t stop him from becoming what he wanted to be. It is not the day when he got his answer back on that crumbled sheet that changed his life it was the day when he asked himself a question are you satisfied with what you have produced, Is this what you want. You got to be willing to change your ways. He is now changing lives of millions and inspiring young minds.