A person wants to spend his Sunday by going out. He has a new kind of experience on that day. His experience ventilates his mind for the rest of his days. Read the story to know about it.


Chapter 1: Raghu’s Outing
Raghu was taking rest on a Sunday.

He was thinking, “What am I doing at the age of 32 without getting married?”

Raghu wanted to get married by that year itself.

For many years he was searching for a girlfriend and he never found one who could impress him.

By 3 O clock in the afternoon, he decided to go out and spend some time in some theatre or mall.

He did not decide a certain place to go.
From 3 to 4 p.m., he thought to corner a place to visit.

Till 4 O clock, he did not get any idea.

Hence he then got dressed himself up and decided to go, where the mind directs him.

He came to the auto stand near Perambur Railway station.

He asked an auto rickshaw driver,” are you free?”

The driver said, “Yes sir, where do you need to go?”
Raghu said, “You go to Avadi”

The auto driver said, “Local trains are available to Avadi sir”

Raghu smiled,”Ha Ha Ha, so you don’t want a business now?’’

The auto driver said, “Sorry sir, I just thought of informing you”

Raghu said, “Now, I prefer to go by an auto-rickshaw, are you coming or not?”

The driver said, “Yes sir, Please get in”

Raghu entered the auto-rickshaw.

The auto-rickshaw started and moved from Perambur Railway station.

Raghu asked the driver, “What is your name Mr. Honesty?”

The driver laughed and said,”Oh, Mr. Honesty I like that, But my name is Kumar”

Raghu said,”Oh, Mr. Kumar, nice to meet you”
Kumar said, “Thank you, sir”

There were some Photographs of Hindu gods displayed in the dashboard of the driver seat.

On seeing that, Raghu asked, “Are you a believer in God and Spirituality?”

Kumar said, “Yes sir, I believe”
Raghu said,”Oh, I see”

After 15 minutes of travel, Raghu said, “Please stop by that tea shop, we will have a Tea”

Kumar said,”Oh Sure, we will”

Kumar stopped the auto-rickshaw near the Tea Shop which Raghu pointed at.

Both of them had Tea together.
A new kind of friendship blossomed between the two people.

Both of them smiled at each other while they were talking.


Chapter 2: The Belief

After the Tea session, again they got into the Auto-rickshaw.

The auto-rickshaw moved at an average speed.

To reach Avadi, Kumar took Villivakkam route through Padi.

At Padi, There was a huge Grade-separated Flyover.

Kumar drove the auto-rickshaw on the ramp of the flyover.

While descending from the flyover, they had an unavoidable scene to see.

It was a dead body of an ice cream vendor, who got met with an accident there.

Kumar stopped the auto before the accident spot.

People got crowded there.

Kumar said, “Sir, the accident could have happened only just five minutes before”

Raghu said, “Yes man, it is true”

Kumar said, “The man is spot dead”

The ice cream vendor has travelled by a tricycle, and a car has hit him behind it.

On the result of that hit, the ice cream vendor has fallen on the road pavement, backward.

The fall had broken his head and backbone, resulting in an immediate death.

Kumar started and Auto-rickshaw again and moved away from the scene.

Raghu said,”Oh, my God, what a deadly accident man”

Kumar said, “Yes sir, it has happened in the Period of Raahu (Raahu Kaalam)”

Raghu questioned,”Raahu’s period? What is it?”

Kumar said, “This is Sunday and now the time is 5 O clock”
Raghu said,”Oh is it a Raahu’s Period?”

Kumar said, “Yes”
Kumar added, “As per Hindu Mythology, there is a story of Raahu and Ketu”

Raghu said,”Oh, I like stories, tell me the story”

Kumar said,” Svarbhanu was a demon god, who got disguised himself as a lady. He drank the divine liquid of eternity called as Amirtha without the knowledge of Devas. As a result, Lord Vishnu uses his weapon Sudharshana Chakra to cut Svarbhanu into two. The Head and body got separated, but they don’t die. The head form gets an extra tail form of a snake and he is Raahu. The body part of Svarbhanu gets a head of a snake and he is Ketu.”

Raghu said,”Oh, I see”

Kumar added, “So, Raahu has his influence in Earth’s time”
Raghu asked,”Oh is it so?”

Kumar said, “Every day has a one and half hour of Raahu’s period allotted to him”

Raghu asked,”Oh, Ok”

Kumar said, “And, this accident has happened in that time, that is why I wondered”

Raghu said,”mmm… it is unbelievable”

While they were having the chat, the auto reached Avadi.

Raghu said,”Ok, my destination has come, please stop”
Kumar stopped the auto-rickshaw.

Raghu paid him and got down.
Raghu spent some time with his friends in Avadi.

He came to Perambur by night 8 O clock.


Chapter 3: The Collection Officer

Raghu completed his dinner and went to the bedroom by 9 O clock.
At that time, Raghu’s phone rang.

Raghu answered the phone call, “Hello”

The other end said, “Hello Raghu, this is Sharath, collection officer from Aircox mobile services”

Raghu said, “Yes sir, tell me”

Sharath said, “It seems you have not paid your mobile bill for 3 months”

Raghu said, “Sorry sir”

Sharath said, “Yesterday I called you, you told that you will be paying it today”

Raghu said, “Sorry sir, today I saw an accident in Raahu’s period”
Sharath said,”Raahu’s period? Is that a reason for not paying your bills?”

Raghu said, “Yes sir, Raahu has influenced Raghu”

Sharath said, “Sir, Please pay it tomorrow, or else we will disconnect your services”

Raghu said, “Sorry sir, Tomorrow, I will pay it definitely”

Sharath said, “Are you paying it by cash or online transfer?”

Raghu said,”mmm… I am waiting for my salary, once it gets credited, I will pay it by online transfer”

Sharath said,”Ok, good, I believe your words, sir”

Raghu said, “Don’t worry sir, I will pay it”

Sharath said,”Ok, Bye sir, good night”
Raghu said,”Ok Bye”
The call got disconnected. Raghu was out of the conversation with the collection officer.

Raghu kept the phone on the table adjacent to his bed.

His thoughts were still lingering on the concept of Period of Raahu.

He did not know whether to believe it or not.