The police posted this information with Prem’s photo in the newspaper and this news spread like fire across the country, the people were shocked to hear it at first but later when they read that the suspected criminal was a northeastern their stereotype about them strengthened and many even fired their existing servants who belonged to the same caste and community.

When Prem’s family found about this they were devastated and their community boycotted them and named them a shame to their society. They somewhere knew that Prem was not the kind of person that would perform a robbery let alone the murder but due to the news they somehow believed it. Till now nobody knew where Prem was, he was not found at his home nor he left the city. Amidst all this confusion one person very smartly cleared his image, it was the driver. The driver called Mr. Khanna and told him that he had to immediately go to his village as his mother was not doing well so he would not be on duty for at least two months, this cleared his image so that the doubt never turned to him.

Now comes the other side of the story that is the side of Prem. Prem was staying in a rented place in Uttar Pradesh when he came to know that he was the one blamed for all this, he knew that this was the worst time to go back or call the family as no matter what he would say he will be punished for the crime that he did not do. Apparently, he knew who did it. It was the driver. The night when the family was out and their third son were staying at home, the driver and his friend entered the house with the motive of robbery, they were unaware that the son and Prem were at home. When the son came out of the room and caught them in the act he was about to call his parents, this was the moment when the driver’s friend sneaked upon him and stabbed him in the back resulting in his death on – the – spot.

Prem who was in the other room came out and chased both of them, he even tried to take the son to help but was of no use as he was already dead. So he decided to get him justice and catch the culprits himself, as a result he decided to follow them secretly and ended up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh where both the driver and his friend stayed with the robbed material. That was the reason that all his stuff was still in his quarter as he left in a jiffy. He never expected to be blamed for the crime but there was nothing that he could do at the moment, the only way to get himself out of trouble was to catch the criminals and hand them over to the police. But this was not an easy task.