Harry literally gathered all the courage he had and went to the police station personally after consulting a lot of his friends as well as some legal people who advised him to do so.

He submitted the photographs to the police officers who were extremely happy on receiving the best lead of the case. They congratulated Harry and told him that due to him now the case was almost solved which was at a standstill due to the lack of proper evidence, they just had to run the photo through their database and the criminal will be caught. They would not release the photograph to the newspaper due to safety concerns. But Harry was concerned about something else.

He told the police about the phone calls that he had been receiving which had been threatening him for murder and all other kinds of crimes that would be done to him if he did not delete the photograph. He even handed over the phone number to the officer which could be traced. The police listened to his concerns carefully and ensured him that they would not let anything of this sort happen to him, after all, he was the hero of the case. To provide another level of security they arranged a specially trained officer for protection who would be with Harry at all the times be it shootings, going to the market etc. He would be in casual clothing and would act as a friend of Harry who flew in from a different country to meet him. Harry was given the drill about the back data story that was just created for his safety.

This really gave him a sort of relief as he felt protected under the continuous surveillance of the officer. Moreover, the officer will be with Harry until the time the case was completely solved and the culprits were punished and Harry could request and keep him after the time too until he felt safe again. Activities like this from the police grew the confidence of Harry in them and he was really happy that he undertook such a gutsy step.

After almost a month and a half, the case was completely solved and both the criminals were punished and were sentenced to serve double life imprisonment time as they committed two crimes.

On the other hand, Harry was awarded a bravery award from the President himself and his work was published on the front page of the national newspaper with credits. This led to an inflow of phone calls and emails requesting him to cover the event or help the company with the model photographs etc, he was even honored with a call to cover the event for the White House.

His work and his status grew, he was nominated for the best photographer of the year for a big reputed magazine. All of this was just because of a ballsy step that he took a few months back that made him a responsible citizen.

All of this literally changed his life and he was very happy.