This phrase basically means A ship can never reach it’s destination until and unless it is set to sail .So it is with our lives ,if we always choose the safe side we can never win .Once the famous Vivekananda said that ” Take chances in your life ,if you win you can always lead but if you loose you can guide”. Such is the case sitting back won’t help us reveal what we really are.Not everyone has the same brain, same thinking likewise not everyone are extrovert ,some are introvert who always fear of getting rejected or dejected by person they don’t even know .These people shall bring themselves out of their comfort zone,so that their ship can sail through the strongest storms and reach the desired destination . Dreams should always be your prototype for success but we should never make dreams our masters .Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking,Thinking provides us knowledge and knowledge makes us great. So if we never want to make up our mind to do something out of the box or which leads to creativity, we can actually never be successful and thus our ship will rot on the dock ,so their no point in being on the dock .If one had to be safe from the difficulty of lives one can easily built a defence strategy.

Biggest risk is not taking any risk’s.For an instance everyone’s  latest childhood fear was to ride bicycle. Atleast for me when my father used to take out the bicycle for me from our garage I used to  shudder with fear as I never wanted to ride or learn it .As when my father used to leave his hand while I rode the bicycle I used to get wobbled and fall down on the road.As time passed by I learnt from my mistakes and I overcame my fears .Ships are build to face storms until and unless the ship is sailed into the ocean. It’s strength can never be tested . similarly if we don’t know what is our strength we can never  give our best .The fear in us might stop us for once, but the slightest hope of joy will always keep us going. Without knowing the sourness we can never feel the sweetness likewise without facing hurdles we can never enjoy the victory or happiness in our life.We all have to face some or the other hurdle in our lives but everytime we face a hurdle ,we have to face it and jump above the hurdle . “The best way to deal with a problem is to face it, and not running away from it”. Life brings problems to all of us but the solutions are also there ,we people just have to find out that problem to secure his or her goal. So readers be a bit daring and always face the storms with your ship and overcome the wild ocean of fears.