The Lush Green Forests, The in deep blue Sea and the Limitless Skies when I walk across the Hills I fail to distinguish which is yours and which is mine cause born from the same womb the two lands are like Identical Twins and we fail to distinguish which one is whose, I and a person like me who has believes in no Boundaries as I take a step forward it is your country the same place which was home to my ancestors 67 years back. Am certain that lake still exists were my great grandfather learnt swimming and where my grandparents meet for the first time. It’s is strange now to check these places out I need a Passport and loads of courage cause you never know when someone across the border greets with you a gunshot that would make you not see the places of significance but meet significant members in your life whose permanent residence is in Heaven.

A few days back I go ogled Lahore and saw that the Markets were the same as our Chandani Chowk You could see the same beautiful Glass bangles of different color that would get any lady on her knees and the Paan that men crave for each one had a Beetle Leaf down his throat and stained lips signifying there craze for the Paan.

Anger Hatred and Love all are mutual with time and age in these 67 years we have both started hating each other can’t stand each other for a minute and are ready to pounce on each other at the drop of an hat like 2 big wild cats fighting for Dominance. Yes as a child I had learnt that a jungle has just one King But now our lands are different our territories are different and gradually our people are different so where does the concept of one King arise here this Jungle demarcated its Territories 67 years ago whatever was the reason “Two Nation Theory” Or “Self Vented Political Interests” or “The grace of The British” whatever it was is history now and the fact today is that we are no more a Nation but we are Two Different Countries. What happened we can’t change that but we can certainly give our children a new dawn where there is no Ceasefire where there is no Fight over a piece of Land where the Neighbors live like Brothers cause we are brothers from a the same mother we are twins.

Why do you need a Osama Bin Laden or a Dawood Ibrahim and why are thousand of youngsters who should be holding a pen and making a name for themselves are made to hold a gun and are secluded from their families are transformed into Human Bombs in The name of Allah !!! Allah my friends does not ask you two kill any one and giving it the name of Jihad is incorrect. Go and check the literal meaning of Jihad and may be then you will realize what you are losing just because of this misconception. Your children won’t grow up again your wife will not be beautiful forever and your parents won’t live forever. They will all move on while your memories of them will still be the same and you will lose everything onto this Misunderstanding this Hypnotism and the time your eyes will open You will be laying in Peace in Grave !!! Repenting upon a life wasted in Hell!!!