*Rachel’s Point of View*

“I’ll wake them up!” I call out to Lexie as I leave my bus and head to 5sos’ tour bus to “wake” them up. I felt like a babysitter mostly. Waking them up, making sure if they’ve had breakfast or lunch or food, making sure they sleep on time, plan out their schedules. It was more of a baby sitting job than of a manager. But then again, they were just teens anyway and they had to be reminded of what they’re supposed to do. Especially them. Because they were such kids, and that wasn’t really bothering me. The thing that was bothering me was that I had to face Luke and after whatever I did yesterday, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to face him.

I entered their bus and it was silent. They were all sleeping. I always I mean ALWAYS tell them how they should sleep early but they say I’m a grandma so literally whatever.

I fold the curtains of Malcolm’s bunk and shake him to wake him up, “go away” he mumbled and turned his bank to me.

I sighed, “cmon Malcom, I got McDonalds for breakfast,” I knee it would wake him up, who doesn’t love mcdonalds for breakfast?

“Really?” he turned back to me and I nodded, “you’re an angel!” he woke up.

One down. Three to go.

I went up to Caleb and patted his back, “yeah yeah, I’m up” he grumbled.

“Good morning to you, too” I said sarcastically.

“Whatever,” he replied and stretched and finally woke up.

Either I was doing a very good job at waking them up or they were just bored of my morning lectures.

I didn’t even have to go to Ashton because he got out of his bunk on his own, and smiled at me, “I had set the alarm,” he grinned at me.

Luke. I smiled at myself, which was weird because approaching a guy, especially guys like Luke. I had been overthinking about him so much, and I guess I do like him, too. Or why would I ever be jealous of him staring at someone’s legs?

“Luke…” I trailed off as I sat down next to him, he was so adorable. Beautiful. I loved how he inhaled and exhaled, with such flawlessness. I had fallen asleep next to him in the last week two times, he’s an amazing person to sleep next to, I would say. He was so silent, and he was so much into cuddles. Though he hated to accept it. I hated how I was so attached to him in just a week, it was just… he turned out into everything I thought he wouldn’t.

“Luke, please wake up.” I said shaking him.

His eyes fluttered and he finally opened them, smiling at me but I frowned in return, remembering how he had called me annoying yesterday.

“Hey…” he spoke as he set my hair strand at the back of my ear, “turn that frown into a smile, baby”

“Don’t call me baby! Its so uncomfortable!” I spoke back.

He chuckled, “fine, fine. Are we still upset with each other?”

“I’m on work, sorry. I have to keep it professional.” I snapped at him.

He just laughed and got up, finally, “Where’s my coffee?” he scowled.

“Get it yourself!”

“Stop being a meanie in the morning!” he turned to me, standing up.

“Oh,” was all I said.

“look, I’m sorry. I know what an idiot I am! But please. I miss you already,” he said in a sad tone.

“Fine, I’m not mad.” I sighed.

“Sorry…” I said in a low pitch.

“Don’t be, I know you were just jealous.” he smiled at me.

“It was annoying. I’m sorry,” I finally said.

“It kind of showed that you like me,” he shrugged.

I hugged him, “ugh, I hate you”

He chuckled and hugged me back, “I haven’t brushed my teeth,”

“Yuck, Luke! Go away!” I pushed him.

“Fine, fine, I’ll see you in a bit?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, babe, you have a morning gig!” I reminded him.

“Ohh, yeah, I’ll see you before that, though” he kissed my forehead and I walked out of the bus, smiling at this little incident.


Luke then went to catch up with the boys and I just stood there, adoring him and thinking how this wasn’t supposed to happen, I wasn’t supposed to like him in just a week, but that was what it was with Luke, he would make you fall for him.

Maybe I did run out of reasons to hate him.



The boys were convincing me to go to the club with them, but I always found such clubs boring. But, they were getting frustrated about it, so I understood that they really wanted me to tag along with them.

“Please?” Luke looked at me with puppy eyes.

“Fine. Fine, I’ll go!” I finally agreed.



“Luke?” I called out on the street, he was nowhere to be found and so were the rest of the boys. I was really really drunk, not knowing where I am or what I was doing. I remembered him saying how he would bring the car.

I heard a few girls walking towards me, one of them pushed me, “You’re dating Luke?” she was drunk as well.

“Yeah,” I replied simply.

“No! You’re not!” The other girl yelled and kicked me with her leg.

“Who are you?” I winced.

“How much do you get paid huh?” the girl in between spoke again.

I didn’t even know what to do, I was getting an attack from the fans, I did not know if I should be mean or not.

“Ughhh, get off me,” I slurred.

And was when she hit me across my face, “Luke is mine!” She yelled in my face while the others started kicking me again.

I pushed them off me, really roughly, they did not know they were messing up with fire itself, “y’all are like 14! He’s not even interested in y’all!” I yelled.

“How dare you?” the girl in between came closer and slapped me again.

“Too far,” I looked straight at her, and giving her a death glare.

‘How much do you get paid to date him, anyway?”

“Too far!” I yelled and pushed her off me and slapped her repeatedly again and again. Really hard. The other girls stood there getting scared of my violence already.

I turned to the girl who kicked me many times and spat on her, “you loser! He loves you guys so much and that’s how you think about him?” I slapped and punched her nose.

I couldn’t even walk straight but I had to hit two more girls, I stepped to the other one and removed my heels and threw one of them on her face and hit her with the other one, “How dare you say that about me and my boyfriend?”

“Rachel!” I heard Luke’s voice as he grabbed me and lifted me, trying his best to not let me hit the last girl.

“No! Let me go! I want to slap her!” I protested as I hit Luke’s chest multiple times, that was the last thing I remembered before I passed out.