One day I went to an apple orchard which was very big and beautiful. I saw dark red, delicious apples over there. My mother had told me that the dark red apples are very tasty. So I wanted some for my parents and myself.

I climbed the tree in which I saw these apples and broke some. While I was keeping these in all, brown basket, I heard as noise, “Dhum, Dhum, Dhum …

” Frightened, I turned my face and I saw a terrible big giant standing in front of me. The giant stared at me and I started trembling with fear. I was shaking so much that I was about to fall off the tree, but I held on tightly to the trunk.

“I’m very hungry,” the giant said, “I will eat you up, little child.

“I cried in a trembling voice, “Go away Go away!” A little later I gathered some courage, but I was still in fear and I said, “P-pp-please Uncle Giant, do not eat me up! I love Everybody and I love you too.If you are hungry you can try one of this apple. If you like it then I’ll give you all these apples.My mother says an apple a day keeps the doctor away, ‘You will be fit and healthy. You will never fall ill”.

“OK little child,” the giant said. ” I will try this apple. But if I do not like it, I will eat you up.”

I agreed.

The giant ate the apple and he liked it very much.He asked for some more.I gave him all that I had.After eating all these the giant thanked me.He did not eat me up.

After this, the Giant stopped Eating human beings and animals and he became a pure vegetarian.