For me, a mother can be described in four words as: The quintessence of endearment.

My mother is the epitome of love, care and tenderness. She is a home-maker, like most of the mothers in India, but extremely hardworking and patient woman, I have ever come across in my life till now. She gave life to me and ever since, she has dedicated her entire life towards the well being of her family.

How often do we come across people like our mothers in our respective lives?

The answer is, almost negligible. My mother taught me from the tiniest to the biggest facets of life and had been with me through the thick and thin juncture of time. I live in a joint family and here, i have seen and practiced, how to value every relation in your life. My mother is the most responsible person in my family. She is very profound for whatever she does or if someone has asked her to do something, which I find it, very fortunate of her possessing such a good flair. My mother never made me feel less proficient in anything I execute because she was always there with me during my learning days, be it academics or extra-curricular activities.I still vividly remember, how much overwrought I was during my 10th board exams but she was always with me, soothing me in my nervy status at that time, even in the late nights.

Sometimes, I wonder, what would have had happened in this world, if there wasn’t any sacred soul like a mother. Such love, warmth, endearment and solicitude is too real to exist, these days, but it does, it really does. The word mother encapsulates all these traits.

Leonardo DiCapric said something really beautiful about his mother. He said:

My mother is a walking miracle.

Yes, it is true. A mother is really a walking miracle in every aspect we could ever extend our horizons of minds to reach.

I owe a lot to my mother because she has inspired me in the most unexpected ways, when I was looking for inspiration precariously. My mother has no work experience in the outer world, but she has experience of her life. She taught me to be responsible in life, be responsible for whatever I have, whoever I am and wherever I am in life. She taught me that if I ever suffer in my life, is not because of anyone else or anything but myself. She taught me to be loving. She taught me to just spread love around me, as life is too short to be around hatred and life is easier when you are around love. She taught me to be compassionate towards others, not just specifically towards destitute and needy people but towards everyone. She taught me to work hard for whatever I want in my life. She says that “Taste of success becomes scrumptious when you work hard for it”. And her teaching is my command. She taught me to be strong and brave enough to progress past any adversity of life, be it heart-wrenching, emotionally -breaking or life-shattering. She taught me to show gratitude towards whatever I have in my life, first and foremost to the supreme power that is God and then to each and every possible person who has helped you in shaping who you are, wherever you are and whatever you have now. She taught me to be patient and kind. She taught me that patience is a key to success in both professional and personal life. Not everyone is blessed with inborn trait of patience, but one could incorporate patience in one’s life through practice and dedication. Lastly, she taught me to be happy and keep smiling always. She always say this, “your smile can do wonders to you and to others, use it as a remedy”.

All the things that my mother taught me through the experience of her life, is a inspiration to me that my mother has lived her life with utmost grace and optimism. My mother is an inspiration to me. My mother is the driving force in my life, for whatever I am today is just because her. It’s her blessings.

At the end, I would like to conclude using a french sentence and it says:

Merès sont les anges expèdiè sur la planète terre!

It means “mothers are the angels sent on the planet earth”. They are truly angels sent on the earth by God. And we all should give them as much love and care as we can. They have done so much to give us such a beautiful life, now it’s our turn.

Je t’aime maman (I love you mom)!