*Rachel’s Point of View*

“Wake the boys up if they aren’t up already, they have an interview at 12,” Lexie ordered.

Lexie was the head of our team, she would supervise me and let me know everything I have to do and correct me if I went wrong, she was a bit strict but she was the only one to keep me going.

“Yeah, I was just going to,” I replied and she smiled.

“Okay, I’ll get their breakfast ready,” she said and walked out.

I walked up to Malcolm and Ashton’s room and just hoped they were awake, I mean, Ashton would be awake because he was more of a morning person. But Malcolm was especially annoying in mornings. He was annoying all the time but a bit too annoying in the mornings.

I knocked their door and Ashton opened it, thank god, he gave me a smile and greeted me, “morning punk” he said.

I rolled my eyes at him and his new weird nicknames for everybody everyday. I don’t even know how he was able to come up weird nicknames for everyone. “Morning,” I smiled back at him, “Malcolm?” I asked him.

“Hmm, he’s in the shower,” he replied.

“Oh good!” I said, “after he’s done, go down for breakfast and I’ll tell you about your schedule,” I explained.

“Sure, see ya then,” he said, a bit excited to know about the day.

No matter how rude or immature or stupid these guys were, they loved their jobs. And they surely loved their fans, even if they’re going somewhere and they get mobbed, I hardly see them complaining. Its almost as if they were happy that so many people want to see them, meet them. When they spoke about their fans, they get so protective. It was cute and funny because Ashton would really go out of his way and shade those who insult their fans, it was really amazing. I mean, how many celebrities do you find like these? Who are actually thankful to their fans and love them truly.

“Rachel?” Ashton snapped his fingers and got me back to reality.

“Uh, yes, see you!” I finally said and got out of there.

Caleb and Luke. Uh, the most annoying and most immature ones. They were always late. Always. They would always sleep late, specially the day we had practices or interviews or morning performances and then get late. And they were so rude because all they would do is put the blame on me and how I did not inform them, it was really stupid and mean, but I didn’t mind them because everyone in the team knows how they’re all still kids.

Their door was open and so I thought maybe they were awake and ready and I didn’t have to knock, right? I mean, the door was open and that was like a free invitation for everyone to go in.

I entered the room and the first thing I saw Luke Simons’ huge body, he was bending down and searching for something. And he had nothing but a pant on. No t-shirt.

“Shit!” I mumbled as I covered my eyes, but I did not entirely cover it because I wanted to see his shameless reaction of me seeing him in an underwear.

He flinched and turn behind, he was embarrassed and blushing, “What the hell! Couldn’t you knock?” he stood there not knowing what to do.

“Couldn’t you shut your door?” I said as I turned the other way round so I couldn’t see him.

“Wait, I was searching for a towel, stand like that! Don’t move!” He panicked out of embarrassment.

I assumed that he finally grabbed a towel and was settled with having it around his upper body, “what happened?” he finally asked.

“You’ve got a good body,” I joked as I turned to him.

He was blushing out of embarrassment and I couldn’t deny how it was so cute. It was adorable, “anyway,” I continued, “get ready and come down for breakfast.”

“Okay,” he said, “by the way, you look really good today.”

“You’re still not getting to date me,” I smirked, “but thanks.”

“I don’t want to be your date, I want to be in your heart,” he grinned at me.

“Clichè” I replied.

“No, seriously! Don’t tell me I don’t look so perfect standing there in my branded pants,” he joked.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes.

“Stop doing that!” he snapped at me.

“Rolling your eyes,”

I rolled my eyes just to annoy him, “fine” I muttered.

“But, seriously. If I wanted to have just wanted one date with you, I would have done that long back,” he said rather serious this time.

“Let it go, Luke” I replied.

I felt really bad but I wasn’t really in love with him, or liked him even a slightest bit, actually I hated him and I really want him to hate me back but it was so not happening.

“Look, I’m serious! I’ve been watching love movies lately, I’ve been creeping on those ‘I love you’ accounts and those cringe blogs on tumblr, could this be love?” he batted his eyelashes at me.

“Is there something in your eyes?” I asked, ruining his entire moment.

“No,” be replied, “I was trying to be cute.”

“Oh,” I said, “come down for breakfast when you’re done having a shower” I said as I walked out.

I stopped at the door and turned to him, seeing his eyes longing to have me, “Luke ?” I called out.

“Yeah?” he said suddenly getting out of his thoughts.

“This is not love, this is obsession” I say to him.

“Well, we might just be playing with lighting,” he raised his eyebrow at me.

“I don’t want to be fired, so no, thank you,” I replied.

“Well, good for me, I can still look at you and be around you,” he shrugged.

Gosh, he was so weird, I thought to myself.

“Anyway, we’re all waiting for you guys,” I said and left.

Reason 4 to not date him: He was creepy.