After almost two days of waiting and contemplating the reports were finally in. A few fingerprints were found on the bicycle as well as the backpack but those were not present in the records of the police, this meant that the kidnappers were inexperienced and probably it was their first kidnapping, this gave a little relief to the parents as now they were assured that inexperienced kidnappers undertake such kind of activity with the motive of ransom only. They will not harm the child.

And the police was right, after a day they received a call on the home landline and as expected it was for a ransom. The kidnappers were asking fifty lakh rupees in order to return their child. Little did they knew that the police was smarter than them and already traced the location of the phone call which turned out to be a public phone booth in a rural area. Till the police reached the kidnappers already flunked the location and were now on the move. This made them think that they are every smart and they fooled the police, the child, on the other hand, was quicker than them and left a crumpled piece of paper on the floor of the PCO which had the description of the looks of the kidnappers written on it.

This information really helped the police draw a sketch from the given description, this also provided a lead to the investigators and now they were engrossed in asking various people around the PCO location by showing them the sketches. One smart thing that they did was not to publish their sketches in the newspaper as this could have catastrophic reactions. The kidnappers may harm the child.

Their investigation continued and they found the address of one of the kidnappers from a neighbor. It turned out that the kidnapper lived in the exact same location from where they had called for ransom. When the police reached the address nobody answered the knock and they had to break and enter. They did not find much other than a photograph which resembled the sketch.

Soon the father received a parcel with his name on it and as soon as he opened it there were tears in his eyes. The kidnappers had sent the tie of Pulkkit with a letter warning them not to act smart and withdraw the case from the police if they wanted to see their child alive. But the industrialist did the opposite, he even hired more detectives and doubled the people investigating the case. They would trace the calls of the kidnapper as and when they came and had marked an area from which the calls came. This was the biggest breakthrough of the case till date. The next step was to search the location on a large scale. But this time the police had a plan, they deployed a lot of people in the expected location and started to trace the call immediately, and as soon as the call was y=traced they broke into the house from which the signals were transmitting and surprised the kidnappers leaving them no time to run away.

They were able to retrieve the child and get hold of the kidnappers who were sent to the prison to serve a lifetime sentence.

The boy really helped a lot by providing the details and helped the police to solve his own kidnapping case. Later he was awarded with a bravery award.