For every parent, his child is the hero. And for every child, their parents are the heroes. If the affection of the parent towards their children is too much, they would not even mind their mistakes. They will give pocket money to their children for their miscellaneous expenses. This is a story about a pocket money given to a boy from his parent.


Chapter 1: The Transfer Certificate
Anbazhagan was a politician in Natham town. He had a big bungalow in the Chetty Street.
His wife’s name was Anbuselvi. They had two sons by name Tharun Kumar and Varun Kumar.
Tharun Kumar was studying in Buddha matriculation school in 9th grade in the year 1998.

It was a month of August; a new student by name Sugveer joined the same class of Tharun Kumar.

Tharun Kumar was not a good student in studies. He failed in all subjects. His interests were in sports and girls.

But no girls showed interest in him as he was bad in studies and he was not fair.

Hence he was always not respected by the pupil in his class. The new student Sugveer one day talked to Tharun Kumar.

Sugveer said,” Please change you, man”

Tharun Kumar said, “What do I need to change?”

Sugveer said,” Study well, don’t misbehave with girls”

Tharun Kumar said,” I can’t take your advice, go and do your duty”

Sugveer got disappointed with his speech.

One day, the Administrative Officer of the school called Sugveer.

Sugveer reported in her room.

The administrative officer said,”Sugveer, we have an emergency situation”

Sugveer said, “What kind of situation madam?”

She said,” You please take a list of the pupils who are misbehaving with girls”

Sugveer said, “Why madam?”

She said, “We are about to remove them”

Sugveer said,”Oh my god?”

She said, “Nothing wrong, it is good for our school”

Sugveer said,”Ok, madam, I will prepare the list”

Sugveer observed many pupils on that day in the school.

He took a list of the pupils who were misbehaving with girls.

In that, the first name was Tharun Kumar.

Sugveer went to the administrative officer in the evening.

He handed over the list to the Administrative officer.

She said, “Well done my boy”

The management called the Father and mother of the boys who were on that list to the school.

There were hot arguments and fights. The Administrative Officer and Headmistress were strict on dismissing the pupil.

But many parents pleaded that it was a mid-year.

The management decided to remove at least one guy, who was top of all misbehaving students.

The name selected was Tharunkumar.

They gave the Transfer certificate and Termination order immediately to his parents.

Anbazaghan tried a lot to convince the Headmistress, but it was of no use.

That day evening, Anbazhagan scolded Tharunkumar.

Tharunkumar did not have any guilty feeling.

The next day, Anbazhagan tried with some other schools to join him.

At last, he found a government school for him.

Tharunkumar got a seat in that school.

Chapter 2: The Summer Vacation

Tharunkumar got new friends who were far worse than his previous friends.

Mugilan and chitraguptan were two of them. They had the habit of drinking beer at that age.
Daily evening they made Tharunkumar drink with them.

After drinking, they would make him eat snacks to reduce the beer’s odour.

His parents were unaware that, Tharun Kumar had again fallen into the hands of a bad company.

Whereas Tharunkumar was enjoying his days with them.

It was a summer vacation in April 1999. The day was April 27th which was a Tuesday.

Morning at 7 O clock, Tharunkumar got a phone call.

Tharunkumar answered it, “Hello”

The Other end said, “This is Chitraguptan”

Tharunkumar said, “Yes Chitraguptan, good morning”
Chitraguptan said,” We have an outing today man”

Tharunkumar said, “Where have you planned?”
Chitraguptan said, “It is to the Kolava Lake man”

Tharunkumar said,”Oh! Kolava lake…do you know swimming?”
Chitraguptan said, “I am learning man”

Tharunkumar said, “I am a good swimmer man”

Chitraguptan said,”Ok be at the spot by 10 O clock”

Tharunkumar said,”Ok sure, Bye”

Chitraguptan said,”Ok Bye”

Tharunkumar had his breakfast with his family that morning.

Anbazhagan asked, “What are you going to do today?”

Tharunkumar said,” We are going to play cricket daddy”

Anbazhagan said, “If I hear any problem about you, I will not leave you”

Tharunkumar said,” No daddy, I am not involved in any mischief nowadays”

They completed their breakfast.

Tharunkumar was about to leave the home.

Anbazhagan called him, “Stop my son”

Tharunkumar said, “What daddy?”

Anbazhagan hugged him and said, “I am sorry son, I can’t help you in that school issue”

Tharunkumar said, “It is ok daddy, No problem”

Anbazhagan took two five hundred rupee notes and gave it to Tharunkumar.

Anbazhagan said, “Here, take this as your pocket money for today”

Tharunkumar opened his mouth wide,” What? Rs.1000/- as a Pocket money for today?”

Tharunkumar was happy.

He got the amount and came out of his house.

Tharunkumar took his bike and went to Kolava Lake.

His friends Mugilan and chitraguptan were there as planned.

Tharunkumar said, “Good morning guys”

Mugilan said, “Good morning man”
Chitraguptan said, “Good morning”

Tharunkumar said, “Guys, today I am going to give you treat”

Mugilan asked, “How?”

Tharunkumar said, “I have got Rs.1000/- as pocket money”

Mugilan said,”Oh my god”

Tharunkumar gave Rs.500 to chitraguptan and said, “Come on, go and buy us beer”

Mugilan said, “No man, we are going to swim, we will have it in evening”

Tharunkumar said, “You fool, I am Tharunkumar, son of the politician Anbazhagan”

Chitraguptan said, “Yes we are strong people man”

Chitraguptan went to the wine shop and brought beer for them.

They drank the beer in the midst of bushes which were present in the lake’s shore side.

The Three people were not in their senses.

Tharunkumar asked,”Hey Mugilan, do you know swimming?”

Mugilan said, “I don’t know”
Chitraguptan said, “I know somewhat”

Tharunkumar said, “You should see my swimming heroism”

By saying that, Tharunkumar removed his shirt and pant.

With only his underwear he jumped into the lake.

Due to the alcoholic absence of mind, he was not able to swim.

His limbs were moving here and there.
Mugilan and Chitraguptan were laughing,”Ha! Ha! Ha! Is this your swimming heroism?”

But, he was actually struggling in the lake for his life.

Mugilan and chitraguptan did not realize the fact which was happening there.

He struggled on the surface of the water for 60 seconds and after that, he got submerged into water.

Water entered into his lungs and choked him. The death happened to Tharunkumar.

The body floated in the water for some time and it sank down.

Mugilan and Chitraguptan then only realized it.

Until then they were thinking that he was playing for fun.

But, later they realized that it was a Death.
Mugilan shouted,”Oh! My god, Death man!”
Chitraguptan yelled, “Yes man!”

We have to inform somebody.

At that time, some people who were travelling on a nearby road spotted these two people yelling.

They came running toward them.

But before they could reach there, everything was over.

Police got informed and Anbazhagan was also informed.

The lake shore got filled with people and police.

The dead body of Tharunkumar got recovered from the lake.

The police officers made enquiries over the incident.

At last, they concluded that it was the drinking habit, which had been the reason for death.

“If he had not been drunk, he could have swum well,” said one of the police officers.

Anbazhagan said, “I did not know that he had the habit of drinking beer”

The police officer scolded him, “Sir, you are the parent, you need to be careful”

Anbazhagan cried with pain in the heart.

Chapter 3: The Insurance Agent

After one week of the incident, Anbazhagan was sitting in his home.

He was not able to go to his profession; hence he stayed at home for some days.

Anbazhagan’s phone rang on that day.

He answered, “Hello”

The other end said, “Sir, I am Sharath calling from Cax Life Insurance”

Anbazhagan said, “What do you want?”

Sharath said, “We give all kind of accidental death cover policies”

Anbazhagan cried, “My son is dead, I don’t need any policies”

Sharath said,” Sir, I am sorry sir, how did your son die?”

Anbazhagan said, “He drowned in water”

Sharath asked, “Why sir, he doesn’t know swimming?”

Anbazhagan said, “No, he knew swimming”

Sharath said, “Then, how did he die?”

Anbazhagan said, “He was drunk at that time when he jumped into water”

Sharath said,” who got him drinks at that time?”

Anbazhagan said,”Tharun’s friends”

Sharath said, “Who gave them money?”

Anbazhagan said, “It was Tharunkumar, for whom I gave Pocket money”
Sharath said, “Pocket money? How much did you give?’

Anbazhagan said,”Rs.1000/-“

Sharath said,”Oh, my goodness, a Rs.1000/- Pocket money has taken the life of a person”